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Creative Cloud Express Launched by Adobe

In a recent move, Adobe has launched a new web & mobile-based application. This application has replaced Adobe Spark, combining the best features of Creative Cloud Suite and Adobe Acrobat PDF into a single application. The name of this new application is Adobe Creative Cloud Express. The application is designed to help users in creating a quick post. It can be a social media post, a video, or a promotional poster.

adobe creative cloud expresslardinoistechcrunch

Creative Cloud Express uses a template-based approach that gives users access to a huge library of stock images. Presently Adobe is launching a free version of this application, and Adobe is also adding a subscription-based edition. The paid edition has a more extensive library along with some additional features. Adobe revealed that Creative Cloud Express would be included in Creative Cloud All Apps and will also be made available as a stand-alone app.

What is adobe creative cloud expresslardinoistechcrunch ?

You can download Creative Cloud Express on your laptop, or you can also download the app on your Android/iOS device. This new application is set to benefit non-professional users as the application provides a fast and easy way to create an engagement post. Since the application is available on mobile, it will make it possible for the users to create a post while on the go. The adobe library has over 175 million images in the stock library. It also provides access to over 20,000 fonts using the Font Library. You can also create a print-friendly PDF version. So adobe creative cloud expresslardinoistechcrunch means Adobe launches Creative Cloud Express, an update to Adobe Spark .

In a post on TechCrunch, Frederic Lardinois shared other features of Creative Cloud Express. He mentions that the new application allows users to create GIFs, PDFs, and other such posts. As per him, the free user gets access to 1 million images, but the paid users will get access to 175 million images along with 20,000 fonts and access to Premier Rush along with Photoshop Express. The new application also marks the discontinuation of Adobe Spark.