An In-Depth Analysis Of Google Manual Action Spam


Website owners are notified through the message centre in Webmasters Tools when manual action spams is applied on the website. Your search-engine rankings may get adversely impacted through user-generated spam. The Google manual actions page lists whether your total site has been penalized or manual action spam has been applied partially on a site. You can consider reviewing comments before they appear on a site. You can use your users to report spam. You can use keywords in webmaster tools or Google alerts to monitor the site and stay aware of spam. Be careful to remove content which violates Google’s guidelines.

Kinds of manual action spams

There are several types of manual spam actions which can be categorised as follows:

  • In case of cloaking and sneaky redirect your site may be showing different pages to Google and the users may be redirected to a different page. This situation violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google will apply manual spam action to the affected sections of your site.
  • If you get the message ‘hacked site’, it means that Google has detected pages which appear to have been hacked by a third party. This poses risks to the visitors. A hacker may modify files which may appear as spam in Google’s index.
  • A spammy free host is a kind of Google manual action which is applied to sites if they are hosted on services which are spammy.

When you violate guidelines

In addition to these, we need to mention certain manual action spams which can be applied on websites.

  • Keyword stuffing means that you have reused a word several times, which has brought down the quality of the content. Hidden text too violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. You can make use of CSS styling to check for hidden text.
  •  If Google detects cookie-cutter sites, shallow content and copied content manual spam actions may affect your entire site. In such cases, you should be able to improve your site so that its value increases for users.

Cases of user-generated spam

User generated spam can lead to manual spam action. Google finds this kind of spams in forums, guest books and user pages. After your site is free from spam, you can request for reconsideration of your site. Google considers issues of user-generated spam very seriously. Google applies manual action spam to the portions of the site which are affected. Till you take stock of the problem you can consider shutting off the user channels. Buy calculadora cientifica 

How to avoid manual spam action

Google may penalize your site if you buy links. Trading links excessively can lead to manual spam actions. It is important that you evaluate the links of your site. Remove the links, which violate the guidelines. You should try to create original and high-quality content and get it evaluated by near and dear ones. Thin content should not be included. Google usually penalizes pages which do not have original content. Relevant keywords and rich content can help you to remain ahead in the search engine rankings. After being penalised for spam, you will need to substantiate the changes which you have made.

Facing penalties can be very difficult. It may indicate that your efforts are wasted. With change in strategies, you can ensure that you steer clear of penalties. By contacting SEO expert, you can adopt important tactics, which help you to prevent spam. Ensure that you abide by guidelines before requesting for reconsideration. If forum softwares are being used by you, ensure that users report about spam to you. Comments which contain hyperlinks should be checked by you. Be prompt in deleting content, which does not hold relevance to the users.

Author Bio: Lee contacted NYC SEO so that he could maintain a site which abides by the guidelines mentioned in Goggle’s Webmaster. He is very satisfied with their services.