Apple Apple Park iosmatneytechcrunch


Apple Park to be Inaugurated in April 2017

Apple has been very public about the new campus it is building. The new campus is called Apple Park, and this center is a state-of-the-art facility that Apple is working on. In a recent announcement, Apple mentioned that Apple Park would be inaugurated in April 2017. This is also when the employees start mobbing to Apple Park from their existing office. Apple Park can house 12,000 employees.

What is Apple Apple Park iosmatneytechcrunch ?

Moving the 12,000 employees would not be easy. As per an estimate, moving every employee to this new facility can take close to six months. Apple also mentioned that even though Apple Park will be inaugurated in April 2017, the construction will continue, and the final touch will be given to the places where it is pending.

Apple Apple Park iosmatneytechcrunch

It is also known that Apple Park has a big theater that can accommodate one thousand people. The theater is named after Steve Jobs to honor the memory of Apple’s founder. The name of this theater would be Steve Jobs Theater. This will become the only place where Apple will launch all the upcoming products and services. If everything goes as per the plan, then the first event hosted at Apple Park will be the launch of the new iOS in June/July. So Apple Apple Park iosmatneytechcrunch means Apple’s new campus ‘Apple Park’ will open in April 2017 .

Steve Jobs presented the design of the Apple Campus to City Council in 2011. Foster + Partners led the project, and there have only been minor tweaks from the original plan revealed by Steve Jobs. Many people are calling this the last product launch from Steve Jobs. As of now, Apple is being very secretive about the interiors of the new office. Moreover, we know that the roof area of Apple Park is 2.8 million square feet, and it will all be covered by solar panels. Apple will be using only renewable energy to power this massive campus.