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San Francisco Startup ‘Atomic’ Secures $25M in Series A Funding

Atomic is a popular fintech based in San Francisco. The company was founded by Marco Alban & David Dindi in 2020. Atomic’s core business is providing APIs to banks and fintech, which helps them with investing solutions. The company has played a significant role in the growth of investments, and as per the latest news, Atomic has received a funding of $25 M in a Series A funding round. The major investors in this funding round included Anthemis, QED Investors, Y Combinator, and Softbank. Softbank is usually very critical of the organizations it is investing in. So, if Softbank has invested in Atomic, you can get an idea about the value that Atomic is creating for its clients.

What is atomic api series investors anthemisrohafinledger ?

The API that Atomic launched has helped many companies in launching investment solutions in just a couple of weeks. It reduces the development burden by a significant factor which eventually translates into reduced cost and a shorter timeline. The solutions for Atomic have also helped financial entities reduce the need for compliance, brokerage, and regulatory expertise. The Atomic solutions are based on a SaaS platform and are truly revolutionary.

atomic api series investors anthemisrohafinledger

The CEO of Atomic also mentioned that his goal is to provide wealth-building solutions to every individual. The ease of access to such solutions will promote investment behavior in the people. With the modernization of technology, the banks are also welcoming open API solutions, which is where Atomic was able to create an opportunity for itself. It is believed that API based approach will be the future of financial services. So atomic api series investors anthemisrohafinledger Atomic collects $25M Series A to build the global infrastructure for wealth creation .

It is being said that with the help of the new funding, Atomic will be able to scale up its infrastructure, and it will be able to hand over 3 million investment accounts. Today, many companies are already leveraging the solutions offered by Atomic. The number of such companies is expected to rise in the coming months.