Cool Ways to Shop Using Technology



Long gone are the days of needing to leave your couch to shop. What a drag it is to have to get ready, get in your car, drive the the mall, walk around, try on what feels like hundreds of items, all to find nothing in the end.

It’s even worse if you live in a city where it takes hours just to get a couple of miles from your house. Thank the shopping gods for the internet and the ability to purchase everything you could ever possibly want on your technological device of choice, without ever taking off your comfortable sweat pants or putting a lick of product onto your hair or face.

There are so many cool ways to shop using technology that you probably didn’t know even existed and here they are, in no particular order.

Some Places Use QR Codes to Make Shopping Easier

This technology was originally designed to help men out in the shopping department. Many of them are so clueless when it comes to shopping, so some genius decided it was a grand idea to put QR codes, which are essentially barcodes you scan on your phone, onto pants.

The idea is to streamline the shopping process. If you’re in the dressing room and you have the wrong size of pants, all you have to do is scan the QR code on your jeans and some associate will deliver the correct size jeans to your fitting room. Talk about snazzy.

Get Mobile With it and Forget the Checkout Line

DId you know that an app called QThru allows customers to browse a supermarket and pay for their items all on their phone? How cool would it be to not have to stand in the annoying line at the supermarket. When you’re buying items that you’d rather not have the entire world and their mother looking at, this option beats out anything else.

Browse Pinstagram to Hone in Your Personal Style

The fashion industry has come a long way, thanks to technology. Due to the awesomeness that is technology, you can be a fashion god or goddess. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram (Pinstagram for short) allow you to peruse through other people’s fashion choices so that you can better hone in your style and get marvelous ideas at the swipe of a finger.

Combine Online With in Person

Some stores now days are getting smart. Instead of spending crazy amounts of money buying inventory that sits in a store and creates clutter, some stores are taking to only having display items in their store for the consumer to check out, and then taking to the internet to actually make your purchase.

After you purchase, your item will then be delivered right to your door. Perhaps this is more of a win for the store, but depending on what you’re buying, you can save on hauling massive items to your car and up the stairs to your apartment. Have the delivery guys do that. That’s why you pay for shipping.