Why Cyware is going to revolutionize Cyberspace?


While strolling through the internet I came across this wonderful platform Cyware; an App of its first kind that provides expertly curated cyber security news. I downloaded the App on my smartphone and started going through it. Trust me, I have never seen such an App before which acts like a friend, philosopher and guide when it comes to Cyber Security. Cyware provides short, crisp and timely updates of important cyber security news from amongst the hundreds and thousands of news articles published daily across the dimensions of the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you are a general internet user or a cyber security professional, Cyware is equally beneficial to both.
Why Cyware is going to revolutionize Cyberspace
In present times, almost on a daily basis we get to know about people being duped online, organizations being intruded via cyber attacks and governments being raided by state and non-state actors. When it comes to cyber security, “defense is the best offence” against the hacker. The key to defense lies in Cyber Awareness which comes only with awareness of cyber security happenings across the world and this is what exactly Cyware offers. It stimulates the cyber consciousness of the user by feeding him with right kind of news. It is not quite easy to scan across the infinite length and breadth of the internet and pick-n-choose the best articles and news from it.

However, Cyware does that with ease because it has employed IBM’s Watson technology to perform this arduous but crucial task. No matter from what profession you come or what position you hold in your organization, Cyware will provide you the right kind of news. Infact it complements the threat intelligence feed of cyber security team of an organization by providing timely news which leaves the organization with enough time to plug the loopholes and vulnerabilities. For a general user internet security is of paramount importance.

The criminals have evolved to such an extent that it becomes extremely difficult for a user to differentiate right from wrong. A single wrong click can make you a victim of sophisticated attacks like Spearphishing and leave you with stolen sensitive data. A single wrong click can install a dangerous Ransomware in your system and if no decryption tool is available then you might end up paying ransom. If bad luck persists, you might not even get back your files even after you make the payment to criminals.

The modern cyber security and internet security paradigm calls for cyber awareness to form the base of security framework adopted by an individual or an organization and Cyware is the exact material that can act as a binder in cyber security architecture. From expert blogs to latest breaches & attacks, from new malwares & vulnerabilities to incident learnings, from research & innovation to new technologies and new hacker tools, from security products and solutions to general internet security tips; Cyware offers it all. It is the best bet out their for streamlining security framework through Cyber awareness. Just download and install it and see how Cyware enriches your cyber awareness with time.