Donald Burns His Business His Companies


Who is Donald Burns? To some he is also known as Don. He has served as the Chairman and CEO of VocalTec Communications Ltd, which was formerly known as Ymax Communications Corp. He was involved with the day to day operations, providing financial integrity and leadership. Donald Burns always seemed intrigued with telecommunications as he began his career at ATX Communication, Inc, since its inception in 1985 which was shortly after the breakup of the Bell System.

From there he held several positions with Mid Atlantic, including Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from October 1992 to July 1993 and the Director of Operations from 1988 to October 1992. His determination and drive fueled his success to the top.

He then co-founded Telco Communications Group in July of 1993, where he served as the CEO till April of 1996, President since July 1996 and Secretary from July 1995 to April 1996. He was with Telco Communications until it was sold to Excel Telecommunications, Inc in 1997. The price of the sale was one billion dollars in cash and stocks. At the time it was a deal  that merged two young companies to battle the giants in the telecommunications industry.

Continuing his path to success he has served as a Vice Chairman of Telco since April 1996 and a Director since July 1993. From there he has been a Director of magicJack VocalTec Ltd. since Dec of 2010 which was formerly known as VocalTec Communications Ltd.  He has been  the Chairman of magicJack VocalTec  Ltd. since January 1 2013.

In an industry where change is constant and where companies come and go, Donald Burns has been able to stay on top and be successful.  He knew years ago that telecommunications was something that was going to be big and he wanted to be a part of it.

As anyone can see Donald Burns is not one to sit back and wait for things to come to him, he will make things happen.  He attended and graduated from the University of Maryland. In 1999 he founded the Donald A. Burns Foundation in Palm Beach, Florida. He likes to expand his reach and be involved in many different projects.

He is the owner of the Motor Yacht Chasseur which is an elite super Yacht where one could charter for use. It is state of the art filled with amenities that is usually not found at sea. With 6 master suite’s each with their own private baths, amazing views throughout the yacht.

He  also owns the Razor house out in San Diego where the house overlooks the Pacific, from the top of the mountains on a cliff, etched out from the walls of a mountain. The glass and windows around the building makes a perfect view from anywhere inside.

As with everything Donald Burns likes to do it in grand fashion, from his yacht, his home and his success in telecommunications. The question is what will he do next?