Electronic Cigarettes are the First Step to Digitizing Trivial Habits



The release and development of electronic cigarettes has taken many people by surprise. It seems to me, that overnight, people have started to switch to these amazing gadgets, that promise the same satisfaction as traditional tobacco cigarettes, only instead of smoke, they use vapors that one inhales in the lungs. Also known by the name of “personal vaporizer”, this nifty and elegant gadget works with the help of a technology that vaporizes e-liquids into an aerosol mist. The objective is to simulate the act of regular smoking.

There are many similarities between the regular and the modern cigarette, and while some say that they cannot give up normal smoking, others say that they have never felt as relieved before switching to eco smoking. The truth is that many people buy electronic cigarettes without conducting a little research first. Furthermore, most people buy the cheapest model possible, without knowing that it is actually a mistake that will cost them more than a high-quality model. Most people who have tried to switch and failed, are usually people who did not understand that personal vaporizers don’t work the same way that a regular cigarette does. In other words, if you are out of your favorite cigarette brand, you can purchase a similar one, and the experience will be the same in many ways. Electronic cigarettes come in different shapes and sizes, and they are customized according to the needs of every smoker.

The reasons for switching to electronic cigarettes are quite obvious. They smell nice, they look cool and they are cheaper than regular cigarettes. In addition, atomized liquids, like the one manufactured by blu cigs, come in different flavors which will excite the senses. But if you truly wish to get the best out of your vaping experience, you should definitely find the one cigarette to rule them all.

Before you embark on your green-smoking experience, you should make sure to consult with a friend or someone who has already tried one before. There are also many forums and sites online, where you can ask people for advice, read about the different models and so on. You don’t need to understand how exactly the devices work. Basically, the electronic cigarette is made from three pieces (although there are also two piece, and one piece models): the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery. The battery sends electric power to the atomizer, which in turn extracts the liquid from the cartridge and transforms it into vapors that are inhaled in the lung and then dissipate.

There have been indeed certain health concerns regarding these devices, but each and every one of them was unfounded. There has been no medical study to prove that they are in anyway harmful to human health. Considering that we live in an age of technology, where everything seems to have become digitized, it seems only normal that we are also trying to digitize one of our most pathetic habits.