EMC E20-455 – Content Management Web Application Programming Certification Exam


To get and stay ahead of the competition in the lucrative field of content management and web apps development, ongoing training and updating of skills are must-haves. Hiring managers are looking for intelligent, self-motivating programmers with content management web app programming certification. To attain this certification, you should take either a live classroom prep course or a live online prep course, as well as taking a practice exam. For success in achieving some of the most sought-after certification in your field, you will need to pass EMC E20-455 exam.


The ideal candidates for certification attained by successfully completing EMC E20-455 exam are those develop and customize applications via use of the Web Development Kit (WDK) API. They are geniuses when it comes to Web architecture and customization. These are the go-to people when creative solutions are needed, which means they are valuable employees who are well-paid and successful in their careers.

Some of the topics that are quantified by certification in EMC E20-455 Content Management Web App programming include implementing both client- and server-side events, implementing containers, and using presets, predefined controls, and localizing NLS resources. These capabilities are needed right now, and if you want that lucrative job and want your boss’s appreciation and approval, the E20-455 is definitely the way to get that all-important certification and enjoy the rewards of your hard work as you employ your valuable skills and the confidence needed to employ them. Face it: with this EMC certification you can practically write your own ticket to the top of your profession.