Is it Time to Upgrade to Unlimited Broadband?


The internet is around us everywhere we go. We’re connected at home in more ways than ever before. Smart TV’s, Smart Fridges, Computers, Laptops, Phones, Gaming Consoles and more… they all rely on a strong internet connection to be utilized to their full potential. With all these devise hungry for a big chunk of your download limit, is your current broadband plan giving you the bandwidth you really need? Is it time to upgrade to unlimited broadband?

Let’s rewind back a few years to early 2007, a time before Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the world. A time where NetFlix would send you content through the mail in the form of a DVD disc. Yes, the internet was around long before 2007, but the way we use it and the devices we use have changed dramatically. This was a time were video stores were thriving, that games were still purchased on physical media and where mobile phones weren’t capable of providing us information like they do now.

A lot of this has to do with the speed of broadband internet in 2007. ADSL2 speeds were nowhere near the speeds we see today. It was rare to see people have download plans with more than 20GB of data per month. 20GB!? That’s less than a BluRay disc. And imagine downloading a 20GB file at those speeds. The quality of the videos we watch has also significantly increased, with many downloading videos in 1080i quality. This too, takes up a lot of bandwidth.

Internet Speed
Example of Internet plans in 2007

Fast forward to 2014. A lot has changed in the last 7 years. The introduction of Wi-Fi capable smartphones, tablets as well as the introduction of services like NetFlix, Hulu and more. Games are now purchased online and delivered straight to your PC or console. Videos are no longer rented at the video store, they are streamed in HD to your smart TV. Music is no longer purchased at the record store, it is downloaded straight you’re your iPod or smartphone.

File sizes are increasing. A game can be as large as 30GB, which wasn’t even available in the above ISP’s plan back in 2007. We are at a time where unlimited broadband is only a few dollars more per month than a capped plan. So why limit yourself? If you have multiple devices connected to the one network, you would definitely benefit from a high speed, uncapped download plan.

I changed to unlimited broadband in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. I can now stream all my shows in awesome quality. I can play online with my friends while my wife Skypes with her family. I can have an album download in the background while playing online. Now is the time to upgrade.