Knowing about the Availability and Scopeof Engineering Jobs in Kolkata


Engineering has been one of the more prominent profession of the recent times. Several students wish to be an engineer, due to the scope of the profession and the amount of salary they receive. The development and advancement of technology in the past decade has only been made possible due to engineering jobs, which are carried out in various fields.


Engineering develops by observing how the constructed systems react and from the progress of empirical equations, which provides the bases for designing. The technological advancement in the past years has made the job greatly desirable, and increased the employment rate for this profession. Several job opportunities for engineering jobs in kolkata  are now available in cities like Kolkata. Moreover, there are a number of streams in engineering, in which one can apply for a job. Some of these streams are as following:

  • Mechanical Engineering Jobs:

Mechanical Engineering combines the application of principle of physics for design, analysis, maintenance and production of mechanical systems. This stream requires an in-depth knowledge of kinematics, energy, mechanics and thermodynamics. A large portion of these mechanical engineering jobs in Kolkata include analysis and design of automobiles, bridges, machinery, industrial equipments, buildings and aircrafts.

  • Civil Engineering Jobs:

Civil Engineering Jobs are known to be the biggest of the engineering fields as it is the oldest of all the streams. This streams deals with the planning, maintenance and constructions of public works or fixed structures. Today, great deals of civil engineering jobs in Kolkata are related with railways, power plants, water supply, traffic, flood control, roads, irrigation, structures etc.

  • Electrical Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineering Jobs deals with the application and study of electronics, electromagnetism and electricity. Professional individuals working in this field deal with several problems related with heavy electrical systems like motor control, control systems and power transmission. Electrical engineering jobs in Kolkata further includes sub-disciplines, such as instrumentation engineering and electrical & electronics engineering.


Engineering is a rather technical job, with an engineer always starting either at production, maintenance or testing. Engineers have to look out for any problems, and solve them. They also have to closely work with the team members and staff. All sorts of issues needs to be raised and problem solving must be done. Due to this, an engineer requires good problem solving skills, so that work can go on with being interrupted for too long. The job of an engineer can involve application of both scientific and mathematical theories and principals in order to solve all sorts of technical problems.

To become qualified for an entry-level engineering job, an individual must at least hold a graduate degree in engineering. People who have graduated from mathematics or physical science can also apply for engineering jobs. However, the most potential candidates usually have graduated from faculties such as civil, mechanical, electronics and electrical engineering.

If you are looking for engineering jobs, you can select a stream out of the three mentioned above. People who hold an expertise in these fields are highly desired by several companies and institutions.