Levelset Orleansbased 30m Horizons Venturesshiebertechcrunch


Levelset, a prominent financial technology company in the construction industry, has recently secured $30 million in funding to further enhance its innovative platform. The investment, led by Horizons Ventures, will enable Levelset to continue its mission of transforming money management processes for contractors. By streamlining payment workflows and facilitating better collaboration, Levelset aims to alleviate the cash flow challenges faced by construction professionals, ensuring timely payments and a more efficient construction ecosystem.

Levelset Orleansbased 30m Horizons Venturesshiebertechcrunch

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Levelset Raises $30 Million to Revolutionize Money Management for Contractors in Construction Industry

Streamlining Payment Processes:

The construction industry has long grappled with cash flow issues due to delays in payment cycles and complex contractual obligations. Levelset’s groundbreaking platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to address these challenges and streamline payment processes. Contractors can leverage the platform to send preliminary notices, exchange lien waivers, and manage deadlines efficiently. By automating these critical tasks, Levelset empowers contractors to focus on their core competencies while maintaining healthy cash flow.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication:

One of the key features of Levelset’s platform is its ability to enhance collaboration and communication among project stakeholders. Construction projects involve multiple parties, including contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and property owners. Coordinating payment-related information across these various entities can be a daunting task. However, Levelset’s platform simplifies this process by providing a centralized platform where all parties can communicate and share critical project information. This transparency fosters better working relationships and ensures that everyone involved has access to the necessary data to make informed decisions.

Efficient Lien Management:

Managing mechanics liens is a complex and time-consuming process that often leads to disputes and delays in payments. Levelset’s platform offers a comprehensive lien management system, helping contractors navigate through this intricate web of legal requirements more effectively. Contractors can generate and file mechanics liens accurately and in a timely manner, reducing the risk of financial losses and legal complications. Additionally, the platform provides real-time notifications and reminders, ensuring that contractors stay informed about critical lien-related deadlines.

Improved Cash Flow:

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and the construction industry is no exception. Levelset’s platform plays a pivotal role in improving cash flow management for contractors. By automating payment workflows, streamlining communication, and simplifying lien management, the platform enables contractors to expedite the payment process. Contractors can access real-time payment information, track payment statuses, and resolve disputes more efficiently, resulting in improved cash flow and financial stability.

Expansion of Service Offerings:

With the latest funding round, Levelset plans to expand its service offerings and further enhance its platform’s capabilities. The company aims to leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide more advanced features and insights to its users. By harnessing the power of data analytics, Levelset aims to offer predictive payment trends and risk assessment tools, enabling contractors to make informed decisions and mitigate potential payment challenges.

Enhanced Industry Partnerships:

Levelset recognizes the importance of collaboration within the construction industry and has forged strategic partnerships to drive innovation and facilitate better payment practices. The company has collaborated with industry leaders, including Procore and Oracle Construction and Engineering, to integrate its platform with existing project management and accounting systems. These partnerships enhance data connectivity and enable seamless information exchange, further streamlining payment processes and improving efficiency across the construction ecosystem.

Empowering Construction Professionals:

Levelset’s mission extends beyond providing a robust financial platform. The company is committed to empowering construction professionals with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate complex payment processes successfully. Through its blog, educational resources, and webinars, Levelset educates contractors on industry best practices, legislative updates, and payment laws. By equipping contractors with the right tools and knowledge, Levelset aims to level the playing field and ensure fair and timely payments for all.

Future Outlook:

Levelset’s latest funding round and its commitment to technological advancements position the company as a key player in the construction industry’s financial technology space. With its user-centric approach, Levelset continues to transform money management practices, providing contractors with the tools they need to thrive in a challenging industry. As the construction sector increasingly adopts digital solutions, Levelset’s platform will play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration, improving cash flow, and driving efficiency across the construction ecosystem. So Levelset Orleansbased 30m Horizons Venturesshiebertechcrunch means Levelset Raises $30 Million to Revolutionize Money Management for Contractors in Construction Industry .


Levelset’s recent $30 million funding round represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize money management for contractors in the construction industry. Through its streamlined payment processes, enhanced collaboration tools, and comprehensive lien management system, Levelset empowers contractors to navigate the complexities of the construction payment landscape. With its expansion plans, industry partnerships, and commitment to knowledge sharing, Levelset is well-positioned to drive positive change and usher in a new era of financial efficiency for the construction industry.

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