[pii_email_9b2b76e2a14607906542] Error Fix [ Nov 2020 ]


The outlook error code [pii_email_9b2b76e2a14607906542] is one of the common error which has been generated when the PST file starts to exceed its storage limit. At that particular moment, a user needs to look forward to how to fix the problem. For this, the Outlook error code fix solution is there to help you. Let’s get started:-

[pii_email_9b2b76e2a14607906542] Error Fix

Manual resolution [pii_email_9b2b76e2a14607906542] :

Manual resolution methods are there that will let you fix this error code. In this, there are different methods that a user can adapt to. These are as follows:-

  1. At the very first, check out all the items and delete the unnecessary ones. In case you do not require them, then from the outlook folders, delete them permanently. This will bring out some space in the outlook mailbox and reduce the size of the PST file.
  2. If you feel like that there is no unnecessary data, you could delete then compact the PST file. It will also save the space and provide you space on the PST file as well.
  3. Split the files. In case there is a very large PST file, then also this problem may arise. Splitting of files into smaller ones is one of the best methods to reduce the size of the PST files.
  4. Transfer the data from the old PST file to the new PST file. For the same, you need to generate one for you.

These are the common methods which a user can adapt to stop in case not even a single method is working in your favor then you need to check out whether the file is up to the mark or not post of increase the file is corrupted then also the outlook error code 0x8004060C will arise.


When it comes to Outlook error code fix, a user needs to be sure that they are adopting the appropriate method because in case the method they have adapted is not up to the mark then an error will not going to resolve.

Disclaimer : This article is Just for information . Please contact Microsoft support before applying any of the above fixes