[pii_email_b7197fcabff1f77775e6] Outlook Error Fix


For fixing the outlook error , a user needs to adapt to different methods to stop this error may arise due to a malicious attack on the system or due to an older version of Windows as well .at that particular moment, you need to check out what is the reason behind the same. Then you will find out the reason it becomes quite easier to go for Outlook error [pii_email_b7197fcabff1f77775e6] fix .

[pii_email_b7197fcabff1f77775e6] error fix

Let’s have a look at the solutions:-

Methods to consider:-

Run the anti-virus program:-

Run the antivirus program and check out whether there is any malicious attack on your system or not. In case the Malware is affecting your system, then also this problem may arise. Scan your system thoroughly and then restart it and check out whether the issue still persists or has been resolved. If it is still there, then look for some other methods.

Disable antivirus:

Disabling antivirus will also help you to do it. Sometimes the antivirus program installed on the system may interfere with the activity of Outlook. At that moment, you need to disable it for a while and check out whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Repairing of corrupt files:

When you need to repair the corrupt files, you need to check out all the essential methods which might work in your favor. Therefore if the error is arising due to corrupt files, then you can run an antivirus program and check out whether there is any corrupted file or not, or you can easily uninstall the Outlook and reinstall it again.

Directly Contacting Microsoft Outlook Support
You Can directly contact the Microsoft outlook support If above Solutions is not working . They will give further instructions

This error message does not indicate that there are low memory conditions; this message generally implies that the message was too complex and the memory required by Intellishrink to process the message was too large. You can turn Intellishrink off or set it to no compression to work around this error message. If this error message persists for a large number of messages, report this issue to Microsoft Product Support Services .

This error [pii_email_b7197fcabff1f77775e6] may occur if you are not running the correct version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. To resolve this issue, check the version of Internet Explorer that is installed on the computer and the e-mail client (Internet Explorer 5.0 or later versions are required, Internet Explorer 5.5 is recommended). Microsoft Outlook 97 or later versions are required; Exchange Server client and Outlook Express do not work if these programs are installed as your only mail client. Confirm that your computer meets the other requirements to run Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager successfully.

This error message may occur if you have specified either a non-existent server or one that cannot be contacted. In addition, this message may occur if there is a typographical error in the server name. To resolve this issue, check the configuration information in the connector.

This error [pii_email_b7197fcabff1f77775e6] may occur if the connector is getting transient errors and is unable to send any messages out. The oldest messages are always discarded first. The error log indicates the number of messages that had to be discarded. To resolve this issue, check the error log for warning error messages that are logged by the connector. If a large number of transient errors are occurring, there may be a connectivity problem with the server. Confirm your network connectivity and server availability.

This error message occurs if Outlook Mobile Manager was able to handle the error it found, and because no other faults or problems occurred, shut down continued normally. This is an informative error message. This error message may occur if another program is running. To resolve this issue, check for other programs that may be running when this error message occurs.


These are the methods that a user can adapt to an ever they wish to fix the error code [pii_email_b7197fcabff1f77775e6] . Make sure you are not compromising with it because in certain cases it may create some unnecessary trouble to you.

Disclaimer : This article is Just for information . Please contact Microsoft support before applying any of the above fixes

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