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Pinterest: Shopping Feature Rolled Out for Advertisers

If you look at the revenues of any social media platform, you will realize that the revenues from advertisements dominate the chart. In a recent move, Pinterest decided to focus on improving the revenue from the advertisers and the brand. The move came in the form of an update that enables the users to promote their products to Pinterest users. What this new feature does is it creates a slideshow of products from the brand’s catalog. The post is then converted into a collection ad. This new feature makes it very easy for advertisers to create video-like content that can be personalized for every user.

What is pinterest verified merchant programmaliktechcrunch ?

Since the advertisement depends on the cookie and other browsing behavior, the new feature will promote purchasing among the users. As per a survey, shoppers on Pinterest have 85% more items in their basket when you compare it with other e-commerce platforms. The new feature allows the users to look at more than one product at a time and hence improve the conversion rates.

Pinterest Verified Merchant Programmaliktechcrunch

Pinterest also revealed that the brand is expanding the scope of the Verified Merchant Program. The program will now be available in Brazil, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Mexico, Switzerland, and Spain. Under this program, the brand gets a verified badge on the profile and an enhanced reach to the users. In the same update, Pinterest also added a new feature called merchant details. This feature allows the Brands to showcase their values. These values can be environmentally sustainable, Women-Owned, or anything the brand thinks is a USP for them. So pinterest verified merchant programmaliktechcrunch means Pinterest image sharing website rolls out new shopping features for advertisers

This is not all, the brand is adding one more feature to its platform. This feature is still in the beta testing phase and is expected to be rolled out soon. Under this feature, the brands can partner with creators and get ideas from the creator. This feature can help advertisers as well as influencers in generating more revenue.