Should we adapt our Content Creation Strategies for Smartphones?


The world is rapidly changing. It has evolved significantly the past few years, right before our eyes. The internet may have been the next best thing 20 years ago, but nowadays we talk about waterproof mobile devices which can film HD movies underwater, advanced gadgetry and lightning speed connectivity. I’m not sure how good it is that we have so many possibilities at the moment, but there is no point in wasting time on this thought. Let’s see how modern technology can be used in a more efficient way. I would actually like to discuss the problem of mobile internet, and content creation.

Should we adapt our content strategies in order to better suit the capabilities of a mobile phone?  While many are still skeptical regarding this change, I am positive that mobile technology will greatly simplify our life, simply because they are designed speed things up. They can show us maps, locations, photos, HD movies and so on. And in the end, this is what most of us do while at the computer: play, watch movies or socialize on different platforms. According to, smart-phones and tablets will soon take over the social world, and Google might also implement the mobile feature for sites as being mandatory for web-developers.

Although I really enjoy writing, I have come to the sad conclusion that most long texts will become obsolete at some point in the future. You may ask why. I will tell you. As mobile technology continues to advance, more and more people are gaining access to it. This means that they are forfeiting their laptops and PCs in favor of this small device. Naturally, we cannot spend our entire day franticly tapping the touch screen. The modern man may never be willing to read interminable verbosities which do not help him. In other words, long text may never be read in the future, at least not from smart-phones.

What the modern man is looking for is relevant information, short and straight to the point. No time to wonder about the mysteries of the universe. It is not only readers that have less time, but also writers. It seems to me that the day is getting shorter and shorter, and I never have time to do everything that I wanted to do. Most visitors who read articles from their mobile phones do not have time to pay attention to 800 words, and chances are that you might lose their interests this way.

Nobody said that you absolutely need 800 words to write something of worth. I have often found that the shortest, most well researched articles of the moment, articles which are related to Google trends, and problems that have to do with the present, are well received, especially by social media mobile addicts. Don’t be left behind, even if you know exactly what it is that you’re doing,