Small Batch Beer Brewing Equipment: 7 Must-Haves


If you are a real fan of beer, sooner or later you will want to produce your own products. To realize this dream and establish a small craft brewery, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Keg

Kegs are tanks designed for the production and long-term storage of beverages. They vary in size depending on the production capacity of the brewery.

So, for small batches of beer, we recommend buying 1/4 barrel keg. It is a quite compact cylindrical barrel, measuring 23.23×11.14 inches and weighing 17.42 pounds when empty. It holds 29.8 liters, which is the best option for beginners.


To keep the contents of the keg cool, they need to be placed in special refrigeration equipment – kegerators. They come in different sizes and configurations, so make sure that the kegerator is compatible with your type of keg before buying it.

3.Cooling system

A special cooling system is used to maintain the set temperature inside the kegerator.

The best option is to choose glycol cooling. It has good antifreeze properties, cools the drinks faster, and can also maintain even the narrowest temperature ranges. 

4.Drip trays

They help to keep the production clean and neat.

Different types of drip trays are available on the market counter-mounted, wall-mounted or portable.

5.Gas cylinders

Keg beer is always pressurized by gas cylinders.

For traditional beer varieties, we recommend using a carbon dioxide cylinder and for dry stout production – a nitrogen cylinder.

6.Beer lines

These are special tubes designed to transport beverages from the barrel to the dispensing point. Beer lines can increase the efficiency of the entire system, as they affect the quality of dispensing.

7.Beer towers

The equipment used to pour beer into a glass. Beer tower makes the process even faster and more convenient. 

Depending on your needs, you can choose different types of beer towers: counter-mounted, under-counter, wall-mounted, elbow, ceramic, cylindrical, etc.

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