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Spotify Completes Acquisition of Podcast Discovery Platform ‘Podz’

Podcasts are very popular; most like to listen to them during their free time or while casually taking a walk. The only weak point about the podcasts is the discovery. It isn’t easy to find podcasts, and in a recent announcement, Spotify shared the good news with its user. In an attempt to solve the issue with podcast discovery, Spotify has acquired a company named Podz. For those unaware, Podz is a start-up that is helping people solve the problem of podcast search.

what is spotify podz mlsilberlingtechcrunch ?

In an email to TechCrunch, Latif Peracha from Spotify explained how the integration can benefit the users. Amanda Silberling has documented all those details from the email in an article. The acquisition of a new platform will help the users find the right content at the right time. The application offers a personalized search experience for podcasts, which is where the revolutionary application can help the brand make a difference.

spotify podz mlsilberlingtechcrunch

Podz also offers an audio newsfeed that will give a glimpse of a podcast to user. This helps the user explore new content and make a choice that would interest them. Podz automates the task of promoting the podcasts to the users. This tool uses a machine learning algorithm to choose the clip from the podcast. It took over 100k hours of audio training for Podz to refine the solutions and get the expected release.

Spotify also revealed a subscription model for its user. Apple is one of the major competitors for Spotify, and the two companies are neck to neck to gain market share. It was also announced that Spotify will not charge a commission from creators until 2023, after which it will start charging 5%. Whereas Apple has been clear about the commissions, Apple is already charging 30% of the revenue of podcast creators. Apple also mentioned that the commission would reduce to 15% in the second year. So spotify podz mlsilberlingtechcrunch means Spotify acquires Podz, a podcast discovery platform

Eventually, it all boils down to the user experience, and users will ultimately choose the service provider that offers a better value for them. It will certainly be interesting to see if Podz can benefit Spotify in acquiring new users.