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Cybersecurity Firm Stairwell Gets Series A Funding of $20M

Stairwell was founded in 2020, and in a recent announcement, Mike Wiacek notified that Stairwell is now launching a new platform. The name of this platform is Inception, and this platform is designed to recognize the threat. The tool is especially useful for organizations to determine if they are compromised. Most cybersecurity tool forms a wall around the company’s data, but this is where Stairwell differs. The solutions from the brand look at the company data to recognize the threat.

What is Stairwell Sequoia Accelpagetechcrunch ?

In a recent announcement by CEO, it was also notified that Stairwell had secured funding of $20 Million. This was the Series A funding round, and the main investors from the round included Accel and Sequoia Capital. The Series A funding was secured in less than 12 months after Stairwell received seed funding of $4.5 million. The new funds will be used to hire more talent and improve the brand’s solutions. So Stairwell Sequoia Accelpagetechcrunch means Stairwell secures $20M to help organizations outsmart attackers .

The approach used by Stairwell helps the company understand the environment better. In an exclusive interview with TechCrunch, while talking to Carly Page, Mike Wiacek shared more details about the platform. He mentioned that during the start, all the data was treated suspiciously. Within the days of implementing the solutions, Stairwell can detect anomalies in the company database. The industry average of such threat detection is 280 days. This is a major win for Stairwell as it reduces the lead times by a huge factor.

Stairwell Sequoia Accelpagetechcrunch

Most threat intelligence tools look at the external feed and then try to find a match in your database. However, Stairwell’s approach leverages the information you have to detect leaks. This is a truly innovative solution, and the solutions are designed to always outsmart the bad boys out there. The solution is available to the customers now, and you can also give it a try, and it will protect your brand reputation in multiple ways.