Stream 38M Serieslundentechcrunch


Chat & Activity Feed Provider “Stream” Gets $38M Funding

Today, most mobile apps and websites offer an in-app support option. This will usually connect you to an agent via online chat. If you have ever used such a feature, then there is a possibility that the chat & activity feature was powered by a company called Stream. Stream is a company that allows other companies to integrate chat experience into their apps. This is done via an API offered by Stream. The API reduces the coding requirement, so the developer only has to write a few lines of code to add chat and activity support to their application.

Stream 38M Serieslundentechcrunch

What is Stream 38M Serieslundentechcrunch ?

A recent article on TechCrunch from Ingrid Lunden revealed that Stream had secured funding of $38m in the latest investment series. The funding comes as a major benefit for the organization as Stream is now planning to use the funds to improve the existing services. In addition, Stream is also planning to add new features to the APIs that it offers.

Stream had a humble beginning, and the first solution they offered was only able to integrate activity feed. In the later iterations, Stream also added chat support to their services. The services were then launched in the form of API, which enables easy implementation for the clients. Stream has many clients that also use third-party chatbots with their chat support. Apart from this, many other clients are also getting support from Dolby to integrate video and audio support within Stream. The new funding can change the game here as Stream also wants to provide chatbot services to the clients. In addition, Stream is also planning to work on the in-house feature to provide audio and video support within the chat. So Stream 38M Serieslundentechcrunch means Stream raises $38M as its chat and activity feed APIs power communications for 1B users .

Stream’s customers include Unilever, NBC Support, Delivery Hero, TaskRabbit, ¬†eToro, Gojek, and the prestigious Standford University. There is a long list, and the clients range across domains like finance, healthcare, education, dating, social, gaming, and virtual events. As per the data, Stream covers over 1 billion users. Stream’s exact valuation is unknown, but as per a press release, the valuation grew by 500% in 2020.