Superplastic 20M Series 38mhatmakertechcrunc


Superplastic Gets $20M for Expanding Cartoon Influencers

Superplastic, the creator of Ello & Kidrobot, has recently received funding of $20M. The investment comes for the expansion of the already existing cartoon influencers that Superplastic created. According to a news article from Taylor Hatmaker, Superplastic investors are Index Ventures, Google Ventures, Founders Fund, Day One Ventures, Craft Ventures, Galaxy Digital, Kakao Entertainment, and a few others. The company also has individual investors, which include Justin Timberlake, Cyan Banister, Scooter Braun, and Jared Leto.

What is Superplastic 20M Series 38mhatmakertechcrunc ?

After the completion of this Series, the total amount of capital raised by Superplastic has reached the $38M mark. If you look at the offerings from Superplastic, you will realize that they are slightly different from regular animation. Superplastic is the owner of synthetic superstars, which are the virtual characters that dominate the social media space. Superplastic collaborates with fashion brands, gaming platforms, and celebrities to promote products and services. At present, Superplastic also has a huge fan following on TikTok as well as Instagram.

Superplastic 20M Series 38mhatmakertechcrunc

Superplastic was also able to sell NFTs, and they were able to leverage its strong position in the market. The cartoon characters created by Superplastic are certainly helping it create history. Superplastic has entered many lucrative partnerships, and the newness can attract a lot of attention on social media. Superplastic has also made it big in the Asian markets. So Superplastic 20M Series 38mhatmakertechcrunc means Superplastic raises $20M to expand its cartoon influencer universe

In an exclusive interview with TechCrunch, Budnitz also revealed that he was not a firm believer in NFT. Later, he realized how profitable NFTs could be, and he eventually agreed to issue NFTs. Taylor Hatmaker has documented all these exclusive details. Today, Superplastic is also expanding across various mediums, and it is also making figurines that are selling like hotcakes. Superplastic has a clear goal for the future, and we are sure you are already waiting for new exciting campaigns and cartoons from this brand.