The All New Chromebook – An Overview of Features


The new sweetheart of the Chrome world is now Chromebook Pixel, especially for the developers and those individuals thriving in the world of devices. Well, after the release it’s now time for a review and here’s it.


The bright screen

Maybe the most coveted part of the Chromebook Pixel is the bright screen, which is more larger than the other Chromebooks that are present. The 3:2 wide aspect ratios make it quite strange for a Chromebook, but looks there is a higher purpose. The aspect ratio is said to enhance the rate of viewing web pages which actually scroll vertically. You get to see more page and is more perfect when you are viewing a video on YouTube. Except of the black bars as the border when you maximize the video, the rest of the features seem good.

The resolution

The resolution and the pixels make it more superior when compared to the rest of the markets. This is definitely the brightest one out there and it definitely doesn’t make sense unless you get on for yourself and check it out. The screen is really brilliant and makes things just as clear as ever and much better. It is really pleasant and gorgeous with a vibrant and enchanting display. There doesn’t seem to be much of a problem with the coloration and seems to more of a black when compared to the grayish feature that is more common with other displays.

The touch screen

Well, we have come across hoards of touch screens in the market that actually do not do what they claim. With the Pixel, the touch seems to be near to perfection, just working out almost accurate and easy to handle. Just touch and its all there working for you even before you can get your hand out of the screen. The screen features Gorilla Glass, which implies that the device is made of high quality material that will hold up the touch feature up and running for a long period of time.

The core

The pixel Chromebook features an i5 Processor with a speed of 1.8 GHz, a 4GB DDR3 RAM, along with a 32GB hard disk and a dual band WiFi. That is something too techy to talk about, but the question is, does it really work? Well it sure works and the processor is quite a snappy piece of material and neither does the graphic card disappoint you. You can delve into a wide range of topics without actually being disappointed and there is never an issue with it.

Well, although the speakers seem to be tucked down at the bottom and deliver an impression of having not to be seen, it is apparent that they are quite loud and you are sure to love them. Surprisingly, they come detached and off the keyboard and are not messy at all. They are definitely great and how did this get tucked in, is quite a mystery.

Overall, with an excellent build and quality features to offer, the Chromebook Pixel is quite worth the buy!