Top 3 Free Video Creator Tools Online – Make Video


Lets See the Best Free Video Maker Tools Online.Lets Say you just returned from holiday you will have loads of multimedia such as pictures taken with your digital camera or smartphone etc. You may want to Create a Video with all those,So why not create a funny video with them.

There are many more or less complex tools for video creation Online Lets see three of them .

WeVideo :

First on the list is  WeVideo and is a kind of collaborative platform for creating online video.
The video editor that offers to load video files from your computer to work on or create new ones through the application.There is also an extension for Google Chrome from the Google WeVideo Drive that lets you save videos on your space created by Google Drive.


The Next in the list is Masher , a good web application that allows you to create videos online, plus it offers the opportunity to “mix” content like photos, videos, music and more. The ideal tool if you have several photos, videos, etc. coming precisely from a holiday.The service allows you to take advantage of a gallery of movies owned by them.Using the editor you can add frames, effects, transitions and audio tracks and Customize your video according to your taste.

Flixtime :

The Next in the list is Flixtime. Flixtime allows you to select the background and textures, add text and choose the background music (among other genres of music available ) best suited to your movie.After signing in to your Flixtime account, click on the “create a new video” button at the top of the page. From this page, you can add photos/videos, music, and text. Click on the “Add Photos/Videos” button, and you’ll be presented with two choices: Upload and Media Lounge. You can upload images from your computer to Flixtime, or select stock photos from the Media Lounge. You’ll also be presented with the same choices for the “Add Music” — upload your own music, or choose from our stock music collection! To create a text slide, simply click “Add Text Slide”, and enter your text in the “main text” and “subtext” fields.

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