Top 5 Best User Interface Mobile Phones


Modern world is witnessing a rapid update in smartphones with the advent of new technology. A quad-core processor and a lavish 1080p display has become the benchmark for almost all standard smartphones today. However, the market has dilated its portfolio heavily and added many new and enticing functionalities and features making some of the smartphones an amazing pick with best user interfaces. Here are top 5 smartphones with the best user interfaces

LG Optimus UI

LG has stepped into the market pretty aggressively with its custom UI launcher. The LG UI is not completely dependent on 3D launcher and it has introduces many new and powerful features with a simple interface for navigation and easy handling. The UI supports an expanded Qslide, more expanded than before. It also allows is to overlay the several applications on top which we have been doing currently. This enables multi-tasking like watching a movie or surfing simultaneously. The dual camera is also configured with a QRemote that allows your smartphone work like a TV remote. A video editor, translator, safety care etc. are also equipped additionally.

Sony Xperia UI

Sony has the bright the biggest change in UI with its Xperia Z. Sony follows a media oriented approach with an interface incorporating video unlimited catalogue to view films from their library supported by an expanded Walkman app. It also includes a gallery widget. The new Stamina mode enhances power management and saves battery life. The superior auto in camera steals the thunder by promising the best snaps ever.

HTC Sense

HTC sense UI is a great cosmetic advancement to the family of Androids. The captivating and realistic view of the phone is given by Weather widger equipped with a camera UI that offers video recording and snapping still pictures. This was the pioneer which has been incorporated in most phones today. The HTC Sense 5.0 was released that incorporates the additional feature of BlinkFeed. This makes use of large tiles where each one is assigned to a different sire or a social media outlet which update the phone with new content.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung has ruled the market for decades with its strong UI incorporated in smartphones.  Its nature-oriented approach involves the implementation of eye sensors for a smart stay. This allows the automatic adjustment of brightness making the display appealing and catchy. The TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 allows the customization of Android interface with its additional new features. Also, there has been a significant expansion in the view allowing us to preview items by merely holding a finger above the item of our interest.

Apple iOS

The UI of Apple is magnificent with its lavish features and an incredible camera quality. The NFC support and dual camera are the show stoppers in Apple iOS UI. With the all new iOS6, iCloud has been synced in user’s contact. The camera utilizes the new Panorama feature and facetime gets updated with HD camera. The UI allows automatic update in Facebook from notification bar.