How To Use Movie Maker In Windows 10


In this day and age where videos are all around, it is evident that one wants to join the bandwagon and create a video of their own. But have you ever tried making a video entirely on your own? Whether it is for Instagram Reels or a special video to celebrate an occasion, there can be so many reasons you may want to make a video by yourself. Filmmakers and students alike have had this requirement over the years. That is why there have been so many solutions in the market leading up to the wonderful online video editors that we see today.

But which is the oldest video editor that people still use for situations where they do not need expensive software or a subscription service? The first name that invariably comes up is the Windows Movie Maker. While the experts recommend using the best online movie maker available free of cost, Windows Movie Maker has a following of its own. This is why people still search for it in Windows 10, while the product was discontinued back in 2017.

If you are also one of those fans looking to use Movie Maker with Windows 10, this article is for you. Unfortunately, you may not be able to download the original product, as it is no longer available from the Windows site. Also, the versions you try to download from the internet may have malware or payment requirements and still not be the original product. But here, we tell you how to find and use it within your Windows 10 operating system.

How to use Movie Maker in Windows 10

The erstwhile Windows Movie Maker that was a part of the Windows Essentials has now been discontinued. Instead, the Microsoft Photos / Photos App available with Windows 10 has the features of a basic video editor available. It is for all those filmmakers or beginners who want to start with video editing but do not want to jump onto expensive software straight away.

If you are starting on your movie-making journey, this is the best online movie maker tool for you to use. There are multiple reasons for starting with Windows Movie Maker. Some reasons include

  •  Intuitive User Interface
  •  Free of cost with Windows OS
  •  Easy navigation for beginners
  •  Sufficient toolkit to make and edit basic videos

At this point, it is essential to remember that the app with the movie maker feature may not be available for all versions of Windows 10. Therefore, you need to ensure that your Windows 10 is also updated with the “Fall 2017” version or later. Now, let us look at how you can start using this tool from your Windows machine. First, go to the “Start” option and search for the Photos app.

Once you open the Photos app, you will see all your existing photos and videos already present on your machine. At this stage, you have two choices – you can create your video using the current images and clips, or you can create your video entirely from scratch. Here is how you can do either of these.

Creating a video from existing media

The option to make a new video lies in the navigation of the Create button appearing on the top ribbon. Navigate to the create button, and you will see one of the options titled “Automatic Video.” Select this option to create your video with the help of existing media like photos and video clips in your Pictures folder.

It is the simplest way to make a video since, on clicking the “Automatic Video” option, you will be asked to select the photos and videos you would like to use in your video. Next, hover on the image to bring up a boundary and selection option. Next, select the images you would like to add. Then click the blue-colored “Create” button on top. Done! That’s all you need to do. At this stage, Windows will create a default video with the selected images.

There are two other features available with this option

  • Randomize or remix the video if you do not like the automatically generated version.
  • Select a particular face in the images, and the video is created with that face as a star of the video.

Creating a video from beginning

The other option is to create a fully customized video from scratch. The first step is to open the “Collection” which hosts the photos and video clips. From here, select the ones that you wish to add to your video and then select “+Add to -> New video with music” from the top pane. This selection opens the full-featured editor of the Windows Movie Maker, and you can start working on the editing part. The editor feature includes several features that are common to other online video editing tools. This is what makes the Windows Movie Maker a preferred option for beginning filmmakers.

Features of Windows Movie Maker


It is the primary requirement for any movie maker. In a timeline, you can see the different images in a pane, in the sequence that will appear in your video. In addition, you can shuffle the order of the images and the duration for which each image or clip appears. This helps in organizing the content of the video in the way that you want to present. Experts recommend that you use the best online movie makers because these come with a “Preview” option. The preview allows you to run the timeline and make changes to create the best possible version of your video.

Adding Audio

The attraction of a video viewing experience lies in the audio as much as the visuals. Thus, if any tool gives you the flexibility to add audio clips, including voice-over, you will indeed say, “this is the best movie maker tool.” After all, it is helping you complete the experience for your audience. It is a feature that is available with the Windows Movie Maker, and thus, it is loved by so many users – amateurs and professionals. You can even choose to sync the video with the music that you are adding.


Every video has a story to tell, and themes best represent these stories. Whether you use a pre-defined template for a video or a theme preset in the tool, the resulting video is always much more attention-grabbing. Therefore, adding a theme to your video is a basic feature available with Windows Movie Maker. It not only allows you to use the font style associated with the theme, but you can also choose the type of music to go with your theme.

These and many other such features made the Windows Movie Maker a preferred choice of filmmakers. However, they have also shifted to the available online video editing tools for a wider variety of features with time.

How To Use Movie Maker In Windows 10

How To Use Movie Maker In Windows 10