What a Consultant for Ruby on Rails Can Do for Your Web Development


Computer Network

When you run a number of different applications and programs, you have to make sure you also have an effective internet host. This will ensure you can use all the different features and that you don’t have to spend too much time configuring. When you get a consultant for Ruby on Rails as well, they can bring their creations and ideas to the forefront through open-source design. Once upon a time, it would take programmers months to work on certain application, but thanks to Ruby on Rails, these same tasks now take just hours or days. This is why companies from all of the world use these types of programs.

Understanding the Ecosystem

Ruby on Rails (RoR) was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2003. Since then, he has worked at growing the core team. As a web host, RoR is supported by a huge ecosystem and some 1,800 different contributors now work on it. There are a number of different editors, including the popular TextMate, which is used for OS X. Other IDEs you can choose include RadRails, 3ed Rail, RubyMine and more. RoR also allows for performance monitoring, which is great for new developers. There are also hundreds of applications, including New Relic and Scout. Then, there are hosting companies like Brightbox, Engine Yard, Rails Machine and Heroku who have worked together with RoR since the word go. There are also workshops and conferences, with the most recommended conference being RailsConf.

An Intro to Web Hosting

A web hosting service is an integral internet service that allows individuals and groups to create their own program or website and will then allow thousands of people to use it through the WWW. RoR then allows space on a server that they either own or have borrowed to be used by the different programmers. In fact, they can even give connection and space for servers within its data center.

This is a process known as collocation or housing. Basically, it means it is small scale file and web hosting. RoR is a highly advanced service that allows support for application, program and data development. Essentially, programmers are able to give their users the ability to access content and features to make websites more interesting.

The Advantages of RoR

RoR today has a very solid reputation and is known to provide reliable and stable web hosting. The focus for RoR is more about the framework rather than the tools. Their goal is to make sure programmers are able to create applications so that their target market is actually attracted to what they offer. A programmer doesn’t have to worry about configuration and this means that they are able to improve their productivity. Rails depends to a large degree on the language that RoR has set, which means that the codes are much more simplistic and don’t have to be rewritten. This means that it takes just a few days for a job that used to take months to complete.