5 smart things why DealGuru is today successful


Apple’s fall from the tree was too genuine, but Newton made it something big. Similarly, online store was just another deal, until DealGuru’s inception. In fact, it has proved a deal should be smart along with business margin, as the concept should work in accordance with the market scenario as well. Dealguru has really understood the Continue Reading

Mi Pad with Techno Love by Xiaomi


Try to imagine yours life without modern technologies. Without internet and tablets that helps you to use it. Some people says that mobile phone is created for calls and for everything else we have and can use tablet computer. And the fresh, powerful tablet in the world of such modern high quality devices is Xiaomi Continue Reading

AskMe Android App Review


  Over the past few months a new app commercial has attracted everyone. App marketing is the new trend in Indian market and some really cool apps are making good money off their services. AskMe is one app of that kind, accompanied by the fact that AskMe is way cooler than many other apps belonging Continue Reading

Latest Three Tablet Models That You’ll Love

3 tablets 2014

The demand for more and more computing power on the move just keeps on increasing. The PC market is slowly being manipulated by PC tablets because of their sophistication and high-tech features . In fact many studies suggest that in time the said gadgets may eclipse laptops. Here are three models that will blow you away: Apple Continue Reading

Is it Time to Upgrade to Unlimited Broadband?

Internet Speed

The internet is around us everywhere we go. We’re connected at home in more ways than ever before. Smart TV’s, Smart Fridges, Computers, Laptops, Phones, Gaming Consoles and more… they all rely on a strong internet connection to be utilized to their full potential. With all these devise hungry for a big chunk of your Continue Reading

Free Online Multiplayer Games : Best PC Games


Single-player gaming can be fun but online gaming is where the real action is. This hence calls for a list of some of the best multiplayer games one can play over the internet. The list is not limited as so many online games get released everyday, but the hard part comes when you have to Continue Reading

Free Online Car Games : Must Play


Car racing can be full of fun and so are the cars racing games. In the fun of it you might come across a couple you liked and some that you didn’t well, each of these car games come with different graphics, features, versions, cheats, speed as well as updates that makes them unique and Continue Reading