Is it Time to Upgrade to Unlimited Broadband?

Internet Speed

The internet is around us everywhere we go. We’re connected at home in more ways than ever before. Smart TV’s, Smart Fridges, Computers, Laptops, Phones, Gaming Consoles and more… they all rely on a strong internet connection to be utilized to their full potential. With all these devise hungry for a big chunk of your Continue Reading

Free Online Multiplayer Games : Best PC Games


Single-player gaming can be fun but online gaming is where the real action is. This hence calls for a list of some of the best multiplayer games one can play over the internet. The list is not limited as so many online games get released everyday, but the hard part comes when you have to Continue Reading

Free Online Car Games : Must Play


Car racing can be full of fun and so are the cars racing games. In the fun of it you might come across a couple you liked and some that you didn’t well, each of these car games come with different graphics, features, versions, cheats, speed as well as updates that makes them unique and Continue Reading

How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

The iPhone 4

Whether it’s a business app, a great idea, or the start of a new entrepreneurial adventure, creating an app is a great avenue for business expansion and increase of revenue. For most people, trying their hand at programming and designing their own app is more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, hiring a mobile app design Continue Reading

5 Android Tablet Games You Won’t Put Down

The Infinite Black Game Android

Have “World of Warcraft” and “Angry Birds” finally lost their luster? If you’re looking for the next greatest thing in gaming, here are five must-try games to satisfy your cravings. From mundane time-killing to heart-stopping action, game developers have us where they want us – enthralled in the virtual world of wonder. 1. The Infinite Continue Reading

Best Facebook Photo Downloader App for Android

1 click save

  Sometimes, we come across some great photos while browsing on our Facebook  on mobile, and we are eager to save that image.Unsuccessfully, the official mobile application of Facebook does not allow this. Even if, on Android , Facebook Photo Downloader offers an excellent solution. This application allows you to download photos in a 1-click without leaving the interface of Continue Reading

Gameloft Gangstar Vegas is available on Play Store

Gameloft Gangstar Vegas is finally available on Play Store . The game is nothing more than a clone of the masterpiece by Rockstar , Grand Thef Auto , seasoned with elements of gameplay taken directly from Saints Row . In other words, it is a free-roaming action packed with things to do, including shootings, car Continue Reading