Top 5 Android Apps which sharpens your memory

android apps for memory sharpening

If you are completely lost and blank, then you cannot enjoy life. After all, memory has an immense role to play or else you will surely be confused to the core. Loss of memory might even lead to bitter relations especially if you have forgotten some thing or the other which has either been told Continue Reading

10 Ways in Memory Database is Driving Big Data

big data

In-memory databases are quickly gaining popularity as the preferred types of databases. An in-memory database is one that process the data within the memory of the server. There are 10 reasons why in-memory databases are driving big data, and they include: In-memory databases have made it possible to process data in real-time, ensuring the data Continue Reading

5 Gadgets to Ease Your Work Commute


Driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic is the bane of many peoples’ lives. With the ever increasing amount of vehicles on the road, road rage is an ever-present issue. Luckily, there are many gadgets and gizmos that are designed to make your commute easier. Here are five top technologies that will decrease your temptation to punch your dashboard Continue Reading

What To Make of The New Surface 3 Tablet


Microsoft has always been in the business of pushing the boundaries of computing technology and the new Surface 3 Pro Tablet illustrates the same approach. While not without its drawbacks, this tablet-keyboard hybrid will definitely turn a few heads. For anyone who has been looking to experience the streamlined convenience of a touchscreen alongside the Continue Reading

Technology to Help Anyone Be More Productive at Work

Technology to Help Anyone Be More Productive at Work

Productivity is a constant struggle that many people face every day at the workplace. Employers want to motivate their employees to be more productive, and employees want to find more ways to be productive so they can advance their careers and make more money. Even though there is a lot of controversy that says technology Continue Reading

Things to prepare before a sales pitch

Making a sales pitch is not look up the simplest of tasks. There are many concerns which crop up while doing so and the company will have to make sure that they are ready to deal with all that comes their way while they are trying to sell their product. When business to business sales Continue Reading

Why Managed Hosting Can Be the Right Solution for You

managed hosting

Since shared hosting is always a managed service, the question of choosing between managed and unmanaged hosting only arises in case of VPS and dedicated hosting. Managed hosting is a hosting solution wherein the hosting provider looks after all of the running and administrative jobs of your server. This saves you time and resources to Continue Reading