Five Ways Smartphones Make International Travel Easier


Traveling internationally for business can be the highlight of any career. Whether the purpose of the trip is to scout a location, attend a training seminar, or to help launch a product, the smartphone can make the trip that much easier. While users still have to be mindful of the data plans from their service provider, having constant access to the internet is a major advantage for any traveler heading abroad. Information can be the key to making any trip a success, and using a valuable piece of mobile technology is a priority for many companies.

Access to Travel Guides

Being able to access information centers, like Hipmunk’s UAE travel guide , allows travelers to dig up in-depth information on their destination. A little bit of research goes a long way, and with the all-encompassing nature of online travel guides business travelers can be skirting along like the locals in no time. Uncovering places to go, areas to see, and places to eat are just the beginning of the great information provided by these guides.

Staying in Touch

Communication is one of the biggest assets of the smartphone, but one that gets taken for granted more often than not. Text messages, email, and video chatting are all elements that can be easily taken advantage of by travelers looking to stay in touch with loved ones. In addition, business travelers can easily stay in contact with the host, client, or office to maximize the effectiveness of the trip.


Apps that can translate pictures or words can be extremely useful in foreign locations. While nobody is likely going to master a language with the help of their smartphone, being able to use quick phrases and identify simple words can help aid in breaking down the language barrier. Plus, many translation apps are available for free.

Have you ever found yourself standing in a foreign market, completely lost and unable to communicate with the locals? Well, fear no more! With the rise of smartphone technology, learning a new language has become easier than ever, you can now learn languages from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo or relaxing on a beach in Bali, these handy tools will help you bridge the language barrier and immerse yourself in new cultures like never before.

Money Transfers

Another big challenge facing international business travelers is the normal operation of paying for goods and services. While credit card companies can help out a lot, having access to the latest exchange rates and most current economic information helps the business traveler keep up with payments back home and stay on top of what the trip is actually costing while in another country.


Getting from one place to another is a relatively simple task domestically, but in another country it can be extremely challenging. With a smartphone, international visitors can easily get directions to their destination no matter how they are traveling. In addition, getting access to public transportation schedules is a snap thanks to any number of websites and apps. Also, travelers can track their route via the smartphone whenever traveling by taxi just to safeguard they are actually taking the fastest route to their destination. Many locations allow ride sharing apps, like Lyft, and you can save money when you use it with a Lyft coupon code .  Use Limo Find to get the perfect limo to you on time during your Vacation .

In conclusion, the smartphone makes international travel easier in a number of ways. From accessing travel guides, keeping in touch with other people, tracking transportation, or getting some help communicating, these pieces of technology have made a serious impact on the world. With service providers changing the way coverage is managed and the availability of Wi-Fi services in many locations, operating a smartphone in another country has become drastically reduced in price. International travelers that take advantage of the technology can help themselves enjoy the trip and embrace a more rewarding experience.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the most comprehensive travel search website allowing you to find the best deals on anything from flights and hotels to train rides and Homeaway rentals.