5 Essential Features to Include in Your Online Store for a Seamless User Experience


Today, customers expect fast and convenient experiences when shopping online. A clunky site can create a wrong impression and drive away potential customers.

To avoid such a scenario, ensure your website provides the following essential features for a seamless user experience. This will help you connect with your customers and increase their chances of buying from you again.

Product Pages

Product pages play a vital role in online stores. With them, users can browse products and make decisions.

Product pages must include all the information consumers are looking for. This has star ratings and reviews, stock availability, color options, and thorough yet short descriptions.

Also, having a smooth functioning zoom feature helps customers check minute product details. This leads to up-and-cross-selling, further increasing sales for your business. This is a must-have feature for any eCommerce website! Adding this feature from Elevate Store will help you provide an optimal browsing experience for your customers.

Store Locator

A store locator is one of the most essential features to include on your website. It gives your customers valuable information they wouldn’t find on Google Maps or elsewhere, and it helps them convert online searches into in-person visits.

Custom-designed store locator is an excellent example of how flexible and creative these tools can be. Their design was tailored to blend in with their branding and website theme seamlessly. The tool is also fully responsive, meaning it works and looks great on all devices.

Another cool feature is that the store locator allows users to filter products by their preferred flavor/product type. This makes it easy for them to shop for precisely what they want in the most convenient location.

Shopping Cart

A good online shopping cart is more than just an intelligent base for all your sales conversions. It also gathers valuable information for your brand, like inventory and customer data, depicts positive & negative trends in sales, helps with payment processing, and more.

Users expect freedom and flexibility when they shop online, so a solid shopping cart is essential for their experience. They should be able to access their cart from any device, especially desktop and mobile. For Apple users, this can be accomplished using a feature called handoff.

Additionally, you should avoid forcing customers to create an account before they can checkout. This is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment.

Comparison Feature

Regarding online shopping, nothing triggers conversion like a comparison feature. It allows customers to make informed purchase decisions based on a thorough comparison of products or services and their characteristics.

A good comparison page should have a dynamic structure that displays all the product information in tables. However, you should limit the number of products compared on a single page because more options might confuse users.

The comparison page should also have a review management module to promote relevant reviews from reputable sources. This is a powerful way to increase customer confidence and improve website usability.


A wishlist is a convenient way for customers to keep track of products they want to purchase later. Shoppers may also use the feature to share their lists with friends and family for gifting purposes.

Ecommerce brands can leverage wishlists to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales by communicating with shoppers who have added items to their lists. This includes notifying them if the thing is out of stock or when it becomes available again and sending product remarketing ads on search and social media. Shoppers who add items to their wishlists are further along in the sales funnel, making them an ideal target for a targeted message.


Providing a seamless login is essential for online businesses. Users need help entering usernames & passwords for every website they visit. Seamless login technology like facial recognition is the future of authentication. It’s also much safer compared to text-based passwords. 81% of data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords.

Customers may want to return products they purchased for tens of reasons. A practical returns module helps simplify decision-making for shoppers and facilitates quick & easy returns. In turn, this makes for a great customer experience. They have this feature in place to build trust & boost revenue.