All about Local Search Engine Optimization



Every online business has to have an SEO strategy and local search engine optimization has to be a part of that. The goal is to make sure that traffic comes to your website, and local traffic is incredibly important. Internet users search for businesses, particularly brick and mortar businesses, on a local basis and demand has to be met.

What Is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Essentially, local search engine optimization is a type of internet marketing tool that attracts local customers. Essentially, it creates a specific search, which in turn increases traffic to the site. This means Google will rank your page higher, giving it more authority. Ultimately, however, it means you will make more sales, which is what it is all about.

By planning your local SEO campaign properly, the results should be amazing and visitors will be able to locate both your online and your physical business. This is an opportunity to establish better and direct contact with your customers, leading to more conversions. It is, obviously, essential that you make your website more visible first. You can do this by focusing on things like:

  • Google maps
  • Google places
  • Local directory press releases
  • Listing your business in local web directories
  • Performing local city searches
  • Using your Google’s Webmaster Tools for geographic preference
  • Focusing on mobile searches
  • Ensuring you have community searches
  • Making sure your contact information is included in your tags

So how do you do this?

How Is Your Website Currently Performing?

First of all, you need to look into how your website is doing now, because this will tell you where you are doing things right as well. Look at the type of traffic you’re getting and what your inbound links are doing for you. Also evaluate your current local presence. Then, do some keyword research so you know which localized keywords will be relevant.

Start a Strategy

Now, you need to lay out a campaign. This will generally include a range of link building strategies, including PPC (Pay per Click).

Submit Your Website

Getting lots of quality inbound links is also a really good way to increase your rankings. Submit your site to as many local directories as possible, including nationwide directories and search engines.

GEO Targeted PPC Campaign

If you are going to engage in a PPC campaign, try a GEO targeted one. This is designed specifically on getting local traffic to your site. Essentially, your ads will only be shown to people in the right location. This is a really important factor in your PPC campaign, but make sure you get your keywords right as well.

Optimizing Your Website

Finally, you need to make sure that your website is properly fine-tuned. Your content should be relevant and up to date. Make sure you remove old content that doesn’t have the right keywords and add a few local terms in your keywords so that you can get the right visitors. Finally, make sure you focus on your meta tags, headers and footers as well as the internal linking system.