Basic Principle of SEO To Increase Web Traffic


In this competitive world where digital marketing competition is increasing day by day, it is too vital for business owners to hire SEO consulting company to increase the rankings of their websites . Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is referred to as a digital marketing technique that consists of various methods to increase the ranking of the website in well-known search engines. 

Having a high quality site with engaging content is just not enough to bring web traffic. You require an expert’s knowledge and strategies to raise the rank of your website in search engines. Let’s have a look at the main two principles of SEO to increase your web traffic.

Keyword Optimization

The keyword plays an important role while building a strong SEO strategy . The experts of activeseoshield are well aware of the importance of keywords to increase the SEO ranking of your webpage. This is the main reason why they include keywords in the title, meta descriptions, header tags, and body as well. With the help of the keywords, the search engines can easily have an idea about your pages or websites. Not only this, if search engines get knowledge about your website then it also helps to show the audiences that your website is appropriate for their searches using those keywords. Nowadays, experts use two different types of keywords on the contents, they are:

  • Long-tail Keywords- You need to think about a relevant keyword that will easily convey the messages of your high DA sites. For example, if your company is based on providing Air conditioning installation services, then you might think that keyword like “Air Conditioners” is highly appropriate for the users to get into your website. Well, if this happens then it is too good. However, in many cases, it fails as there are multiple companies available to provide Air conditioning installation services. It is better for you to opt for a long-tail keyword like “AC installation service provider”. With the use of this type of keywords, you can be specific about your company. 
  • Location-based Keywords- Beside long-tail keywords, you should also include location-based keywords. The reason behind this is that the search engines are unaware of your business location until you tell them. So, it is better to use keywords like “AC installation service provider in New Zealand”. This increases the chances to be found quickly by the people living nearby. 


Quality Content

Besides having relevant keywords, your content should be of good quality to increase the rankings in the search engines. Unlike humans, search engines cannot read your content. Hence, it looks for some signals to determine high quality sites with good quality content.

  • Length- When you are creating your webpages, it is too important to make sure the length of the paragraphs is not too long. Provide all relevant information in short paragraphs.
  • Internal Linking- It is possible that earlier you have written a post, blog, or an article on something and again you will have to write something related to that topic. So, under this situation, it is always preferred to link those contents together.

Overall, these are the main basic principles of SEO to enhance web traffic to a great extent. If you want to enhance your website rankings then contact activeseoshield now.