Benefits of Joining a Makerspace


Makerspaces have been growing rapidly in popularity. These collaborative spaces bring together people who are interested in sharing resources to work on all sorts of projects in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Here are a few things you might enjoy if you check out your local makerspace.

Benefits of Joining a Makerspace

3D Printing

This technology is used by many companies to create prototypes and even to make production parts for manufacturing. It has also become mainstream enough that many people enjoy hobbies based around 3D printing. Printers require a CAD model for input. Once you’ve learned to use CAD software through Autodesk training Miami, there’s no limit to what you can model. Hobbyists enjoy making costume components, toys, models, and many other printed items.

Metal Shop

If you’re interested in learning to build with metal, there’s no need to invest in a full set of tools. Join your local makerspace and make use of their soldering irons, welders, riveters, and more. In addition, you’ll be able to collaborate with like-minded makers, most of whom are happy to share their experience and knowledge with people who are new to their hobby.

Sewing Tools

Not everyone has space in their home to set up a sewing machine and cut and assemble fabric projects. A makerspace is designed with plenty of room to work on projects. You’re also likely to find more advanced sewing equipment, such as sergers and computerized embroidery machines. These are often cost-prohibitive for sewing hobbyists to own, but can add pizzazz to your projects. Working in a cooperative space with shared tools and enthusiastic sewists can be a great way to spark your creativity and bring joy to your hobby.

Makerspaces are great gathering places for people who enjoy using their creativity to make things in the STEM fields. Adults can share tools and knowledge, and families often bond over a fun hobby as well.