Which Tool Is Best for SEO Competitor Result?


Optimizing the content of your business site is extremely important to have more online visibility. This can be decisive for the success or failure of your business. An optimized website can bring in a lot of traffic, thereby increasing your conversion rate and revenue. On the other hand, a website without the best keyword or set of keywords won’t attract potential customers.

In this context, the best way to optimize your site is to see how it currently performs from the SEO perspective. You should use a SERP checker to know the ranking of your site when queries are made with specific keywords. This way, you’ll gather the necessary information to improve your site content. Are you using the right keywords? If so, your ranking must be good. Otherwise, consider adding keywords that are more frequently used for online searches.

How can you know which keywords are better? Well, it would help to take a look at what your close SEO competitor is using. This is possible with the SEO keyword rank tracker offered by SpySERP.com. Nowadays, there are many keyword and rank trackers online . But make no mistake, the best tool is the one referred to above. Let’s review this software and see why it’s considered an outstanding SEO tool.

Much Useful SEO Functionality for Professionals

For a pro SEO and marketing team, the SEO rank tracker by SpySERP.com offers much functionality. This program shows you the Google rank of a site for specific keywords. Why should you use such software when you could do it manually for free?  Well, you can check the ranking of your site manually. However, when hundreds or thousands of keywords are involved, the task is enormous. Hence, you better benefit from:

  • Tracking of hundreds of keywords for different search engines;
  • Tracking for different languages and/or geolocations;
  • Specific analysis for mobile and desktop versions of your site;
  • Transportability of data for better analysis.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the benefits that you get when using the best rank tracker tool. For more details about the technical characteristics, please, visit SpySERP.com.

Make Better Business Decisions with the Help of the Best SEO Information

Knowing the ranking of your site and your competitors, you will be able to make better business decisions. For instance, you can identify keywords that they use and try to include them in your site as well. Likewise, you can visualize other keywords that they haven’t included. You may have an advantage with those keywords.

In some cases, however, you may use the SEO information to design a strategic business plan. For example, if your competitor has a much better ranking for a product you both sell, you could make a strategic partnership. In this case, it may be more convenient to sell your product as a white label. This way, you can have revenue in a wide market, while you concentrate on local sales.