Classrooms Exercises to Combat Stress


Due to lack of focus and interest of the students, it becomes difficult for the students to cope up with the stress of the classroom environment. A 45 minutes class becomes a burden for the students and they either end up asleep or involved in a discussion with their friends which is not even related to the subject that is being taught. After a long interval of focused attention in class, a break for the brain is necessary so that the students can cope with the trauma and stress that they face in the class. Teachers need to tackle the issues of children’s anxiety and look for more creative methods to teach in the class so that the interest of the student in that subject increases.


Visualization Exercises

If kids are able to visualize a relaxing situation around them, then it can help to calm down the stress that they face in the classroom. Students should be in a comfortable position to be able to visualize things. Visualization exercises teach kids to imagine relaxing situations to help reduce stress levels. Create a calm environment by maintaining complete silence. Have the kids close their eyes and picture a scene you describe. The scene you describe depends on the age of the students and what they might find relaxing.


Consider keeping a journal. The beauty of a journal is that it is for your eyes only. This means that you are free to express yourself in whatever manner you choose, without having to worry about it being “graded”.

Physical Activity

If students take a break for physical activities during the daytime, it will help them to reduce the classroom stress in a healthy manner. Teachers should make students do simple exercises such as clapping hands, toe touches or jumping jacks or a walk on the school playground, etc. as it acts as a good stress buster for students.

Off Topic Discussions, Writing and Drawing

Sometimes if the lecture is getting boring then the teacher should try to talk about something that is not related to the topic like some general science discussion, or about the happening news, etc. Drawing and writing are two options for letting kids explore the cause of their stress. Encourage kids to draw about how they are feeling or what makes them feel stressed. General drawing and art activities can also provide stress relief for kids. If you prefer writing, have the kids write about their day.

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