Esports: Real Sports or Not ?


Are video games more than just childish toys? Is watching someone else play a game really enjoyable? Can an activity that doesn’t require physical exertion be considered a sport?

These are some of the common questions that appear in every debate involving the legitimacy of esports as true sports.

True, many esport games, like DotA 2 and League of Legends, may have gained a global following in recent years and prompted many new opportunities to arise. People buy merch of their favorite esport team much like they would their favorite football team. Professional tournaments can raise millions of dollars in prize money. And many with many gamers are so keen to make it big in the esport world that they are looking into ways they can boost mmr or their League ranking in order to get noticed by talent scouts.

In the past, the voices of those against esports were louder than those supporting it. But there’s been a shift in sentiments over the years, and there’s now an equal division between the two parties. And so the debate goes on.

Where do you stand? If you want to learn more before deciding, then take a look at this infographic by IBUYPOWER, one of esports’ pioneers in the United States.

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