Get the Most of Your Fuel


Get the Most of Your Fuel

Changes in economic conditions can hit consumers in many ways, but one of the most dreaded areas is the gas pump. Prices can skyrocket according to what is going on around the country and even around the globe. If your vehicle is what you would call a gas guzzler, you can feel the pain at the pump in your wallet more than others. Although you might not be able to control the economic conditions, you can improve your fuel efficiency and get more out the dollars you spend.

Alter Your Engine Components

A standard engine will burn fuel as efficiently as the vehicle allows. When parts are worn down or even broken, you will see an immediate effect on your fuel consumption. To monitor your fuel intake and pressure, you can add different components, such as the airdog fuel pressure tee. This would allow you to install a pressure sensor to get a more accurate reading on the engine and fuel use.

Practice Efficiency Driving

The way you drive can affect your fuel efficiency. If you have a lead foot, you will consume a lot more gas than the causal, obey-the-speed limit driver. Heavy accelerations and last minute braking or stopping can affect your gas usage and mileage. Avoiding prolonged idling can also help conserve gas. By removing roof racks, you help reduce drag, which is another area that impacts your mileage.

Operate According to Specs

Your tires will have a recommended inflation, and keeping your tires at the right pressure can also improve your gas efficiency. You should also only use the oil type or gas product recommended by the manufacture. Driving without excess weight and other things can also help lengthen the distance a tank of gas will take you.

If you looking to save money at the pump, you can actually start by taking a look at your vehicle and your driving habits. Some simple tips can help improve your gas efficiency.