Why are global agencies and tech startups offshoring their hiring for digital marketers and developers to India? And should you too? 


The growing talent shortage and uncertain economic conditions have compelled fast-paced digital agencies and tech companies to rethink their hiring strategy. The mass layoffs in the last few years and the high salary expectations of local talents mean several companies are now willing to hire remote employees from offshore locations.

In this blog, we will discuss the things startups and digital agencies should know before they hire remote talents from India.

Identifying top talents: What should both agencies and startups know?

A top talent is someone highly skilled and qualified in their field. Such professionals deliver high-quality results, exceed expectations, and align with the organization’s culture. They are satisfied with their jobs and understand their role in the business’ growth story.

Every hiring strategy is centered around finding and onboarding these top talents. So how to identify such profiles from a bunch of applications? Here are a few salient features of top talents that can help you spot them:

  • Remote readiness with minimum to zero training
  • Global mindset that helps them meet the standards of an international organization
  • Technical proficiency in their relevant field
  • Cultural adaptability as per the organization’s values and ethics

When and where to hire digital and tech talents remotely from?

Now that you know what a top talent’s profile looks like, you need to find them quickly to facilitate a faster hiring process. Your best chance is to tap into offshore regions where such talents are in abundance, like:

India: 11 million tech and digital talents, and the most preferred outsourcing destination with 62.5% of US, UK, EU, and AUS companies hiring remotely between 2018-2022.

Latin America: 11 million tech and digital talents, 28.6% of US, UK, EU, and AUS companies hiring remotely between 2018-2022.

Eastern Europe: 11 million tech and digital talents, 42.4% of US, UK, EU, and AUS companies hiring remotely between 2018-2022.

Eastern Asia: 11 million tech and digital talents, 49.8% of US, UK, EU, and AUS companies hiring remotely between 2018-2022.

Key Priorities While Remote Hiring From India 

Here’s a priority checklist to help you hire remote talents effectively from offshore locations like India:

Understand the roles you are hiring

Check if the talent can be managed in a remote setup.

Be remote ready

Set up the IT infrastructure, and training modules, and offer work/time flexibility.

Choose the right remote hiring method

Find a hiring partner who can undertake most of the responsibilities and deliver a fast and reliable hiring process.


The global hiring landscape is changing rapidly and fast-paced businesses need to adapt a dynamic way of hiring to meet their talent needs. Remote hiring from India is a reliable option for small to medium-sized businesses that want to upscale their workforce quickly with limited resources. To overcome any remote hiring-related challenges, you can partner with hiring platforms, like Uplers.