Helping Your Healthcare Facility Maintain a Good PR Image


For any healthcare facility, as well as working with someone like this healthcare marketing agency to ensure you get your name out there and are visible to your target audience, it is important to maintain a good PR image once you have an established presence. You need the public to have a good opinion of the services you provide, and you want patients to feel secure about the care they will receive.  Using a PR agency Portland can be helpful for securing your image as a quality healthcare facility, and there are a few additional steps that you can take. It is important that you put patient care at the front of everything that you do so that you can prove that you are there for the people you serve.

Helping Your Healthcare Facility Maintain a Good PR Image

Provide Patient Testimonials

A healthcare PR agency Portland might recommend that you highlight patient testimonials on your website and social media pages. Prospective patients want to know what type of experience others had at your facility. It is important that you share the news that quality care will be received by all. At the end of a visit or stay, you can ask patients to leave a review. In this way, you will have a good overview of what the experience is like for each patient.

Listen to Feedback

If you have a patient who leaves feedback that is not positive, do not discount it immediately. Instead, think about how you can use their criticism constructively. While there are some patients that you will simply never make happy, there are others who are genuinely trying to help you improve your services. Take their advice seriously, and see if there is any merit to it. You can help another patient’s experience be more positive when you listen to your existing patients’ needs.

Update Your Facilities

It is hard for a place to maintain a good PR image if the facilities are run down. This makes people think that you do not truly care about the appearance of your clinic, and they may assume that you feel the same way about patient care. While you do not have to redesign your facility every single year, it can do a lot of good to make small updates here and there. Ask employees what they have noticed could be updated or improved in the clinic.

Simply investing in a thorough professional cleaning routine can make your clinic look brand new. Hiring services like those who provide medical office cleaning in Saint Paul, MN, can make a massive difference in the appearance and how well attended to the facilities are. This can be beneficial for maintaining a good PR image, but also for the employees who work within the clinic, as well as attending patients.

Being in an administrative position in a hospital or other medical facility involves a lot of work. You likely have a lot on your plate, but it is important that you keep public relations favorable. Consider these ways that you can take your company’s PR to the next level.