How To Find The Right Asbestos Trust Fund Company


Companies that have been negligent in handling asbestos and or products made with asbestos created a trust fund to pay the victims after extreme exposure. The trust funds are also aimed at compensating mesothelioma patients and help them take care of their medical and family needs. As much as trust funds are available, not every company has a trust fund. So how do you find asbestos trust fund companies?

How to Find an Asbestos Trust Fund Company

There are no definite steps to finding asbestos trust fund companies in the market. This is because most companies with trust funds have also filed for bankruptcy. However, hiring the services of an asbestos attorney will help you identify the companies that have filed for bankruptcy. This is the first step to finding some companies with trust funds meant for mesothelioma patients.

Once you have identified the companies that have filed for bankruptcy, it is easier to narrow it down to companies with asbestos trust funds. If the company you have filed a case against has a trust fund, the next step should be claiming compensation. You can create a list of asbestos companies that have set up trust funds, as this will help in filing for the claims.

How To File for Asbestos Trust Fund Claim

If the company responsible for your asbestos exposure has a trust fund, the next step should be filing for the claim. It can be a hectic process but having a mesothelioma lawyer by your side makes the process easier and faster. Firstly, gather evidence. Having evidence to prove the said company is responsible for your condition will help strengthen your case.

Secondly, meet trust fund criteria. Finding an asbestos trust fund company doesn’t guarantee you are getting the money. The criteria for compensation differ from the trust fund. Make sure you meet the criteria to increase the chances of getting compensated.

Thirdly, submit your claim. Your lawyer should help submit your claim in accordance with the trust’s rules and protocol. The lawyer should also help find the best method to make the submission and ensure that the approval process is smooth.

Compensation Criteria Used by Asbestos Trust Funds

  • The place of exposure: Where you got exposed to asbestos must be ascertained by the company to access the funds.
  • The time frame of exposure: It is when your asbestos exposure occurred.
  • Proof of diagnosis: The company has to ascertain your diagnosis from a cancer specialist to understand the nature of the disease.
  • Evidence about the products or materials with asbestos that caused the exposure is looked at.
  • Anything else that can limit filing the claim is looked at as well.

Bottom Line

Asbestos trust funds are vital to the victim and their families. This is because, with money claimed from the trust fund, you can fund your medical care expenses and take care of the family in the process. However, the asbestos trust fund you claim has to belong to a company. Identifying the company with a trust fund makes it easier to meet your goals. It would be best to work with a lawyer in finding and filing for the trust fund claims. This, however, means understanding the criteria used by the said trust fund company and make the claim approval process more manageable and smoother.