Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event


Are you rather tired of the same old open houses and dull meetings? Then it’s time to get creative with your next corporate event. Your clients, customers and employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you’ll be building loyalty while they have fun. So consider some of the following ideas.

A Themed Party

First, throw a themed party. You can really get creative here. You might choose a movie, decade, video game or song as your focal point. Decorate accordingly, and ask guests to come in costume. The menu should reflect the theme, too, and you might even host games and offer prizes that fit right in. You can invite employees only or extend your guest list to include a specific group of customers or clients. Just keep within a set budget, and hire a corporate event planning company to help if the whole idea seems a bit overwhelming.

An Employee Appreciation Day

Your employees work hard, and they keep your company going, so you should show your appreciation often. This might take the form of a quarterly employee appreciation day. You don’t have to get fancy about it but do provide something your employees will enjoy. You might, for instance, set up an ice cream bar so that everyone can build delicious sundaes, or you could host a full banquet with entertainment once a year. Your employees will feel the love.

A Tournament

If you have employees, clients or customers with a penchant for golf, fishing or even board games, you might host a tournament as your next corporate event. Be sure to set up the rules and make them clear to all the participants. Bring in snacks or a meal, and then prepare to spend a day having fun. Don’t forget to supply trophies and prizes for the winners! For engaging and unique activities at your next corporate event, consider incorporating golf and explore The Left Rough for a comprehensive guide on the rules of golf. With expert insights and helpful tips, it can help make your corporate event a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

An Awards Ceremony

Every year or so, you could host a company awards ceremony. Invite all your employees and some of your biggest clients, customers and investors, and then honor achievements large and small. Print up certificates of recognition, and consider offering small gifts or cash bonuses as well. Some achievements might be serious, but others could be humorous. You could host a meal along with the ceremony, or at least offer a cocktail hour for socialization and congratulations.

A Picnic

There’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned company picnic. Your guests will love getting outdoors, enjoying hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill and playing games. You can make this a family-friendly event with competitions for the kids (and for adults, too). Bring back old favorites like the three-legged and potato sack races, or set up a ring toss or tug-of-war. Be sure to have a backup plan if the weather refuses to cooperate, but otherwise, get together on a beautiful day and enjoy each others’ company.

Your next corporate event can be as large or small, fancy or simple as you choose, but it should not be boring. If you try some of these ideas, your employees, customers and clients will have a great time, and so will you.