Keeping Green With Regular Emissions Testing


As governments fight over the right and wrong ways to save the planet, businesses continue to work toward a greener environment. They realize that customers are happier when they know you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. They may even help you in completing that mission through financial assistance and suggestions.

Keeping Green With Regular Emissions Testing

Analyzing Gas Emissions

If you own a refinery or power plant, one of the ways to reduce your footprint and maintain the safety of customers and workers is through regular emissions testing. Similar to the way this is done for vehicles, these tests determine if the number of toxic gases in an area exceeds limits defined by state and federal regulations. If they do, then immediate measures must be taken to reduce the levels. This includes upgrading existing machinery or adding more ventilation systems.

Unlike vehicle testing, emissions checks for buildings are more fluid. Therefore, a portable gas analyzer is required to take the measurements.

How Tests are Done

Purchased from companies like MRU Air, these portable analyzers are handheld models that measure combustibles and emissions for a number of products. For example, some companies sell emissions analyzers that measure up to six gas components and provide a mini-USB for data transfer. Other products are utilized for long-term measurements of large boilers, gas turbines, and furnaces.

In either situation, the technician works with employees to determine the output location for emissions. Using a sensor probe, the analyst takes measurements around the area. They continue through the rest of the space to gather additional data that is eventually calculated. When done, the analyst lets the employee or manager know if levels are okay, are at the borderline, or have reached toxic levels.

How Does This Reduce the Carbon Footprint?

One person or business can’t reduce global warming on their own. However, they can help in their community. Running emissions tests on a regular basis maintains regular business operations. In addition, the more businesses know about their emissions, the better they can protect their employees and the environment around them. Overall, they do their part to make a better world.