Latest Marketing Ideas to Attract Customers 


Without a strong customer base, your business is going to struggle to survive for the rest of the month, let alone for the year and this is why—regardless of the industry in which your company operates and the size and scope of the business—innovative marketing strategies are essential.


With that being said, continue reading to learn of the latest marketing ideas to attract new customers and indeed, retain the ones you already have. 

  • Offer Customer Rewards

The human condition is such that a prospective client is always going to be more interested in the company that is offering the best and highest number of perks and rewards, both as they sign up to your business initially and then continually throughout the partnership. 

It would be wise for you to visit an established retailer such as Maple Gifts in Porthcawl and choose a selection of small—yet perfectly formed—gifts to act as an enticing incentive for new customers and a tempting reward for loyal ones. 

Furthermore, competitive perks, benefits, and rewards can even turn an opportunistic customer into an out-and-out brand loyalist, so look for new and innovative ways to make your business their preferred one and blow your rivals out of the water. 

  • Launch a Branded Newsletter

Secondly, another proven-to-be effective method of attracting new customers is to create a seemingly personalized newsletter to send to every address on your e-mail list; full of offers and news about your latest products and/or services.

You could even offer an exclusive discount to any existing customers if they successfully encourage a friend or family member to buy from your business. Just make sure that the newsletter is uniform in content, contains plenty of images, and stays away from “business speak” and long, rambling paragraphs. 

  • Focus on Growing Your Network

At the true heart of all marketing campaigns and advertising strategies is the impetus to expand a company’s reach and to widen its network, and this is why you should do everything you can to increase brand awareness.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to do this, which include the following:

  • Communicate the story of your brand
  • Introduce customers to the people behind the brand
  • Create value far beyond the product or service itself
  • Create shareable and enticing content on social media 
  • Make positive contributions to your local community

In addition, you could also look to either attend or host your own industry networking event. 

  • Undertake Brand Collaboration

Finally, a relatively new and exciting marketing strategy that more and more companies (both here in the US and abroad) are turning to is that of collaborative marketing. 

Essentially, collaborative marketing comes down to working in conjunction with either another business or an individual to reach more potential customers and to basically widen your target audience group. 

Brand collaboration is an incredibly cost-effective and indeed, mutually beneficial, way of enticing new customers to your company and what is more, it is also a fantastic method of introducing the latest technology and applications—both of which you may never previously have considered using.