Statistics That Show Why Local SEO Is Important


Search engine optimization refers to the way you optimize a website to show up in search engine results. If you want your website to appear in local results when visitors put a search into Google, then you need a localized type of SEO. Showing up in local search results can make a big difference in the success of your marketing efforts. Numbers do not lie. Check out these impressive local SEO Austin statistics:

Searching Leads to Buying 

Every time someone searches for a place on a phone, there is a 50 percent chance he or she will go to the physical store later the same day. If the search takes place on a computer or tablet, there is 34 percent chance of that happening. In addition, 18 percent of cell phone searches lead to same-day purchases. Plus, more than three-fourths of these searches lead to offline sales eventually. That is a huge percentage!

Most People Search Online

Times are definitely changing, and the number of people who said they searched online for local businesses in 2017 illustrates that. A whopping 97 percent of survey respondents reported searching for company information this way. With so many people turning to the internet to guide commercial decisions, leveraging the power of MOTOZA SEO can be useful for business owners.

Local Search Helps People Find Businesses

There is no doubt about it: One of the main reasons consumers conduct local searches is to locate a business. One in every two people who searches locally does so for this reason, and an even higher number of people search locally to confirm whether a company exists or not. Furthermore, one in every three cell phone searches happens minutes before the user enters a store. 

Many People Are Mobile

Mobility is the future. With everyone in the world being as busy as they have become, smartphones and tablets have allowed society to multitask in ways never previously imagined. When it comes to searching for local services or product information, most people are not sitting at their desks on a laptop. Instead, more than 60 percent of searches for this information comes from smartphones and tablets. 

Well, the math adds up. When it comes to searching for the products and services needed in daily life, most people are turning to their cell phones and other mobile devices. Because local SEO provides consumers with current and nearby results, it is an excellent way for business owners to connect with the people closest to them.