The Benefits of Combining Health and Wealth Management Services


As more and more individuals recognise the importance of managing their health and wealth, combining wealth management services into one package is becoming increasingly popular. Doing so offers a variety of advantages that are worth considering.

One of the most apparent benefits is the convenience factor. Having all of one’s financial and healthcare needs taken care of in one place saves time and eliminates the need for multiple trips or phone calls between different providers. Additionally, many plans offer incentives such as discounts for combining services, providing further incentives to do so.

Having a personalised approach to finances and health can also be incredibly beneficial with this combined service. An integrated view of your financial and health goals allows for a more customised plan to better suit your needs. It can help eliminate potential conflicts between investments, insurance coverage, and long-term care plans that work best for you in the long run.

Furthermore, combining health and wealth management services provides a much bigger picture of one’s financial situation. Advisors like Saxo Markets can better assess current finances, investments, and healthcare needs to build a comprehensive strategy tailored to the individual’s circumstances. They also have access to all information regarding past or existing policies and can advise on any changes needed to meet goals while still adhering to the terms of the policy or plan.

In addition, these services often include assistance with topics like tax preparation, retirement planning, and estate planning. It can be especially beneficial for self-employed or with additional business investments. Advisors are knowledgeable and experienced in these fields and can help develop a solid plan for the years ahead.

Lastly, combining wealth management services into one package can provide peace of mind. Having an expert assess your current situation and future goals ensures you get the most from your finances and health insurance plans. An advisor can work with you to ensure that any decisions are by your values while still meeting all requirements under the law.

How to choose the best advisor

Selecting a reliable and experienced broker is essential when choosing a wealth management service provider. A reputable, trusted provider will have industry experience, knowledge, and qualifications to provide quality advice and guidance.

One of the first crucial steps in selecting a broker should be researching their credentials. It’s essential to ensure that the broker is qualified and well-trained in personal finance, investments, and insurance plans. Additionally, look for brokers accredited by professional organisations. These certifications demonstrate that they have met the necessary educational requirements to practice in the industry.

In addition to credentials, it is essential to understand how your broker goes about managing your portfolio. Ask questions about their investment philosophy, diversification strategy, risk tolerance level, and other factors that may impact your financial decisions. Understanding these details will help you decide whether their approach works for you.

Finally, it is advised to check references from past clients. Reputable firms such as Saxo Markets will already provide client testimonials on their website, but it can also be beneficial to ask for additional references if possible. Current clients can provide valuable insight into what working with them has been like so that you can better understand whether or not they are suitable for you before committing.

A reputable and experienced wealth management service provider is recommended for your health and wealth needs. Doing your research beforehand will help ensure you select an advisor who understands your current situation and can work with you toward achieving your financial goals while still meeting desired health outcomes.


Combining health and wealth management services is quickly becoming popular amongst individuals looking to manage their financial affairs more efficiently. By having a personalised approach to both domains, individuals can ensure they get the most from their plans and take the proper steps toward achieving their long-term goals. Additionally, combining services provides convenience and peace of mind that one’s finances and healthcare needs are being taken care of in the best way possible. For these reasons, it is worth considering for those looking to get ahead financially and protect their health for years.