Top 3 Phone Security Options for Android Phones


Nowadays a Smartphone acts as more than a device to keep in telephonic contact with your family and friends. People use their Smartphones for their personal and business emails, as a digital diary to keep track of their daily meetings and appointments. Besides the personal contacts list, photos and videos; there is a lot of personal information stored on your cell phone. It would be foolish to have your mobile phone lying about for everyone to inspect. But it is even more foolish to have it lying about unsecured for your snoopy friends to poke their fingers into. This post will review three of the most popular ways people use to secure their phones and keep it protected from the prying eyes of other people in your home or office.

Phone Security Options for Android Phones

What’s your custom unlock pattern?

The biggest security feature that set android phones apart from other Smartphones is the use of an unlock pattern instead of the traditional alphanumeric pass codes. Android users select a custom pattern that they have to redraw on a grid of nine dots every time they want to unlock the phone. The big advantage of using this feature is while close friends may get lucky at guessing your password, they are far less likely to guess the unlock pattern. Just like a regular password, the larger your pattern is, more difficult it is to guess it. The program requires you to keep a swipe pattern of minimum 4 dots.

Use GPS app “Where’s My Droid?”

A cell phone has become such an important part of people’s life that most people prefer to keep it on them at all times. But still you can never be too careful. Your slim Smartphone may slip between the sofa cushions while you are watching television or you may forget it on the dinner table at your friend’s house. Worse still, somebody might steal your brand new Smartphone. But your android Smartphone is smart enough to let your trace its location by providing you with the exact GPS coordinates. Where’s My Droid is a very simple to use location tracker that can be downloaded from the android market. You can create a secret attention phrase that will trigger a find-me mode on your phone if received via a text message. There are two tracker modes; one will cause your phone to ring loudly so you can retrieve it if it’s in the same room. The second security mode will allow you to obtain the exact latitude and longitude details, so you can discover at what place you left your phone behind.

Face detection for unlocking your android phone

If you have upgraded to the latest Ice Cream Sandwich OS for your android phone, you can try their face detection unlock mechanism. While this new security feature is far from perfect; users have been impresses by its ability to detect your face even after small disguises like glasses or a silly face expression. And in case the phone actually does not recognize you; it will still keep all strangers out of your phone. You just enter your backup password to override the face cam security.