Top 5 Tools Every DIY Lover Should Have


Sometimes the best fun is when someone can play with a bunch of tools. For those who love home renovation, craft projects, or simply seeing what can be made out of a small number of materials that are lying around in the back garden, tools are an important part of making these things happen.

Top 5 Tools Every DIY Lover Should Have

That being said, tools can be very expensive. Here is a guide to the top 5 tools that a kit just cannot be without, so every DIY fanatic can get their money’s worth!  

Must-Have Number 1 – A Multi Screwdriver 

Not much time goes by without the need for a screwdriver. Screws attach an ungodly amount of things together these days, especially simple things used around the home such as battery compartments, electronics, and fuses. There is also almost always a guarantee that the right screwdriver will not be in the toolbox for the screw that needs to be loosened. 

Decrease the chances of being cut short of the right tool, by purchasing a multi screwdriver — perfect for all those various, fiddly screws around the house.  

Must-Have Number 2 – A Claw Hammer 

Claw hammers are extremely useful as they offer to fix something in, pull something out or smash something down depending on the desired result. A good quality claw hammer will take those who love to spruce up the house from a simple picture hanging to a full-blown room renovation, all from one tool.  

Must-Have Number 3 – Adjustable Wrench 

Getting an adjustable wrench is almost the same as getting several wrenches at different sizes — apart from the fact there will be much more space in the tool kit and more money saved! This is a great little tool that offers the versatility people often crave when they are in the middle of a project! 

Must-Have Number 4 – Specialist Tools for Specialist Projects 

At first glance, specialist tools may not seem like they belong in a must-have kit, but there is a good reason why they should be. Depending on how often a specific project comes up, it can save time, money, and tears investing in a specialist tool that will help a project move along much more quickly and efficiently. Tools such as hedge trimmers instead of sheers or hot air blowers to control temperature sensitive projects can help provide the best results to a niche project. 

Must-Have Number 5) A Utility Knife 

Not only will a utility knife make people feel like they are ready to take on a camping expedition, but they are also extremely useful to have around the house and in the workshop. There are plenty of annoying materials that need to be cut through quickly (cable ties – looking at you) and it can be extremely inconvenient to have to stop mid project to try and hunt down a part of scissors that only might do the job. 

Utility knives often come with a handy hook so workers can keep it on their person at all times!