What Can I Do If I Am a Victim of Paraquat Poisoning?


The more we look around, the more we see evidence of dangerous chemicals and drugs being promoted as safe. Unfortunately, we often find out that this claim is far from the truth and that many of these substances can cause harm if they are not appropriately used.

One such dangerous chemical is the herbicide Paraquat. If you’ve been affected by Paraquat, contact a skilled Paraquat lawyer today. These experts can help you get compensation for any medical issues you may have suffered as a result of exposure to the herbicide.

All About Paraquat

Paraquat has been used as a weed killer for years. It is made up of various chemicals and compounds, one of which is known as MPTP. MPTP is a chemical that has previously been used in Parkinson’s research. The substance can be used repeatedly and reliably to induce Parkinson’s disease in lab animals.

As a result of this, Paraquat is only approved for “restricted use” by the EPA. This means that only those who have gone through a rigorous course on the safety and proper usage of the herbicide are permitted to use it. 

Paraquat is used on many different crops including corn, soybeans, and cotton among others. Additionally, it is still widely used by farmers in many states across America

Unfortunately, this does not keep these individuals from being exposed to the chemical and suffering the ill-effects. Furthermore, those who live near farms or facilities where Paraquat is regularly used are at risk for Paraquat exposure due to “Pesticide (herbicide) drift” and “overspray”. These two phenomena are, respectively, the movement of the substance due to natural wind patterns and the spreading of the chemical due to human error in spraying too much in one area.

What are the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Caused by Paraquat?

Parkinson’s symptoms can vary slightly, but almost always include rigid muscles, slow movement, decreased stability, and tremor. There are many other symptoms too, but the aforementioned signs are known as the 4 Cardinal Signs of Parkinson’s disease, and they are almost always present in the disease process to some degree.

Is there Any Help for Victims of Paraquat Exposure?

For those who have developed Parkinson’s Disease, had birth complications, or been diagnosed with cancer due to exposure to Paraquat; there is help. Paraquat lawyers have been working tirelessly on these cases. While no settlement is ever guaranteed in a Paraquat lawsuit (or any lawsuit, for that matter), if your lawyer can prove that your health issues were caused by exposure to Paraquat, you should be able to receive compensation.

If you believe you qualify, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is to prove your case. Your lawyer will ensure that you have current medical documentation that demonstrates your symptoms and defines a link between your exposure to Paraquat and said symptoms.

Don’t wait! Call a Paraquat lawyer today for a consultation. While your situation may be difficult to navigate, a lawyer can help you every step of the way.