What to Look for When Buying Gold Chains Online


Many offers a wide range of signature and one-of-a-kind real solid gold chains. These can be worn alone or layered with other pieces of jewelry. Choose a 14K chain or higher. Pure 24K gold is too soft for most chains, so it’s mixed with other metals to make it stronger.


The length of a chain is an important consideration, especially when buying for yourself or as a gift. A chain that is too short will look silly, and a chain that is too long can be difficult to wear comfortably. Using a measuring tape or ribbon, measure the circumference of your neck and add 2 inches to determine the ideal necklace length.

This general rule works well for most people but may not be appropriate for everyone. A closer-fitting 16” chain works best with scoop and V-necklines, while a longer chain may suit crew and boat necklines better.

The width of a gold chain is also an important factor to consider, as it can affect the overall look and feel. Thinner chains are more delicate and lightweight, while wider chains are thicker and more substantial. The thickness of a chain can also influence the price, as thinner chains are usually more affordable than heavier styles.


Gold chains are available in a wide variety of widths. Some are thin and delicate, while others are more chunky. Ideally, the chain you choose should fit your neck and suit the occasion for which it will be worn. For example, a thicker chain may look out of place with a casual outfit.

If you want a more formal chain, consider opting for a 12 mm or wider width. This is the standard width for most men’s gold chains, which can easily go under a shirt. A gold chain of this width is also ideal for wearing a pendant.


Gold chains can be crafted at different levels of purity. Higher purities typically cost more and can be softer and more susceptible to damage. Lower purities, on the other hand, are more durable but may have a duller appearance.

When buying a gold chain online, it’s important to check its purity before purchasing. You can use a magnet or acid test to verify the authenticity of the chain. Both methods require professional equipment and can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

If you’re looking for a high-quality but affordable option, consider a micro Cuban link chain necklace in 10k or 14k solid gold, 16″-28″ lengths. These are a great choice for everyday wear because they’re subtle and versatile. Alternatively, you can opt for a gold vermeil chain, which is less expensive but still high quality. The base metal is usually sterling silver or fine silver. These pieces are more lightweight than solid gold chains but are still a good choice for daily wear.


In addition to karat purity, the weight of gold chains is another important factor to consider. A high-quality solid gold chain will weigh more than a gold-plated or gold-filled one because it has more actual precious metal.

You should also know whether a retailer lists the weight in ounces or grams. An ounce is the imperial unit of measurement used in a few other countries, while a gram is the metric unit of measure.

Some retailers may also list a piece’s weight as “alloy,” which means it is made from a mix of metals that includes some non-gold elements. This is usually done to keep costs down. However, it is important to know that alloys can affect the resale value of gold jewelry.

A reputable online retailer that sells men’s gold chains will have various bead, cable, rolo and rope styles in varying lengths. They will also have a range of gold pendants to complement the chain.