3 Most Effective ways to increase your Brand Marketability



Developing a brand that the public responds to is one of the hardest things to do in business. The competition in the business world can be fierce. This is especially true if you are venturing into the online business world. Online businesses pop up every day, and an equal number disappear just as quickly. An online business only has a limited amount of time to establish their brand. If they fail to do this, they will not be able to generate enough revenue to stay in operation. Here are just a few of the most effective ways to increase your brands marketability.

1. Choose a good name for your business

Choosing a good name for your business is much easier said than done. This is an incredibly important decision that should not be rushed. If you choose the wrong name, it will be more difficult for people to remember so they can find you on the Internet. This is why you should make your company name as memorable as possible. This means that it should be easy to spell. A short name is always better. As far as what the name will be, it will usually have something to do with what you sell. Many people have simply named their company after themselves. This is fine if your name is easy to spell, like John Deere. However, if you have a very long and complicated name, it would be a bad idea to name your company after yourself. You should also choose a name for your company where the same domain name is also available. In other words, you should try to have your domain name be the same as your business name. You can contact a domain name registrar to find out what names are available.

2. Launch a social media campaign

Social media, if used the right way, has the power to increase the public’s awareness of your brand. However, you will need to devise a social media campaign that is able to reach the demographic you are trying to sell your merchandise to. If you are not experienced in all of the various aspects of social media, there are people who make their living doing this sort of thing. You can hire one of these people to design and implement an effective campaign using Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms.

3. Give your customers what they want

The customer is always right, as the saying goes. If you want to get your company headed in the right direction, listen to what your customers are saying. Once you have established your business on social media, start to communicate with the customers who take the time to contact you. If they have a complaint or a suggestion, take some time to consider what they have to say. While not every suggestion you receive from your customers will be a good one, if many customers are saying you should do the same thing with a certain product, you need to give it some thought.