5 Gadgets to Ease Your Work Commute


Driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic is the bane of many peoples’ lives. With the ever increasing amount of vehicles on the road, road rage is an ever-present issue. Luckily, there are many gadgets and gizmos that are designed to make your commute easier. Here are five top technologies that will decrease your temptation to punch your dashboard the next time some idiot cuts you off.

  1. Parrot Asteroid Mini

This sleek dashboard-mounted multimedia system effortlessly integrates with your car’s audio system and smart phone to allow voice-activated calls. Powered by the Android operating system, the Parrot Asteroid Mini offers tons of helpful features, including web radio channels, navigation tools and alerts.

  1. Road Angel Gem

Want to avoid getting a ticket? Simply mount this excellent little device to your dash to be warned about upcoming speed camera and speed limits. The Road Angel offers an extremely accurate database of road hazards, accident black spots and speed limits so you can keep abreast of speed traps before the cops pull you over. The gadget also features eAssist, a smart service that enables you to connect and speak directly with an operator if you run into a problem while on the road. It connects you to relevant emergency services for a speedy response.


  1. Devium Dash

Never miss a work meeting again while stuck in traffic with this handy platform designed for hands-free calls, AM/FM radio stations, input jack for auxiliary devices, and Bluetooth connectivity. Designed for all types of smart phones, your iPhone or Android charges itself while attached. Don’t worry about ever trying to text while driving or talking with the phone between your ear and shoulder ever again!

  1. Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

Skip the pit-stop to your local café and enjoy fresh espresso while on the go. The Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker is a handheld device that is compatible with all ESE coffee pods and allows you to make a cup of delicious espresso instantly for a much-needed pick-me-up while stuck in traffic.

  1.  CarMD

This brilliant gizmo assesses your vehicle’s current status and tells you if anything is wrong with it, as well as the estimated cost of any repairs. You’ll save the trouble trying to guestimate what the problem is with your car and end up saving a lot of money avoiding diagnosis fees. Also, you won’t have to worry about being distracted by a potential car problem while in rush hour.

In today’s technological world, there are tons of devices that help you to have an enjoyable commute to work. Listen to the radio, chat hands-free with your friend and even avoid tickets with these five car gadgets.